Monday, March 05, 2018


The Snow Queen visited in the night, under an almost full moon. When morning came, she had covered the land in a soft white blanket of snow.

The trees sparkled, their branches laden with snowflakes. The ponds and lakes were touched by frost, a thick layer of ice, like hand blown glass, sealing their surfaces.

In the woods, the Snow Queen danced.

She stayed for as long as she could, moving across the land, admiring her handiwork.

The world had grown muffled and quiet. The people slowed down, ventured outside, went sledging.

They did not notice her, watching from between the trees. 

Between the icy branches, the Snow Queen smiled to herself.

But Spring was already fighting her, and patches of green leaves and moss were beginning to emerge from her white coverlet. She knew it would not be long before Spring began to get the upper-hand, sweeping aside her shimmering snow, waking the flowers up again, returning the earth to damp greens and browns.

The people were beginning to grow angry with their burst pipes and slippery roads and empty shops, no longer noticing the beauty and novelty of her creations. The snowy woodland palace she had built for herself had begun to melt. Spring was at her door.

And so she left, as mysteriously as she had arrived, by night, under the moon. She took her white blankets and sparkling icicles with her, and set out to search for a new home.

When morning came, the earth was green again. The flowers woke from their dreaming and stretched their heads to the sky once more. Melt water gushed into the streams and rivers. The only traces left of the Snow Queen were the last patches of rapidly melting snow, and a few strangely glimmering footprints, deep in the woods, where few people would ever find them...


Dress- Thrifted, originally Coast
Cloak, crowns, jewellery- Made by me


  1. Polly this entire post was absolutely stunning. I love the way you turned this into a short story, and captured the feeling of winter and the oncoming springtime beautifully here. I also love your crown, cloak and the way you styled the dress - the perfect way to bid farewell to winter! - Tasha

  2. Awesome post, love the crown. Keep up the good work ❄️����

  3. This post was so beautiful! Thank you!