Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Victorian Antique Lantern Lights Repaint

Recently I've been trying to re-organise and decorate my home to make it fit my current inspirations. I've been aiming for a sort of fantasy Victorian inspired, witchy look, and I've tried to use as many things I already had as possible.

I had thrifted these lantern lights ages ago, but they weren't really my colours and so had just been sat in a box. I decided to paint them, to make them fit my aesthetic better. 

I took all the plastic lanterns off the fairy lights, gave them a wipe to get rid of any dirt, and then got to work. 

All the lanterns had a base coat of black acrylic paint. It did the job but I wished I had used a model making paint instead of acrylic, because I had to do so many coats of acrylic to get it to stick!

One I'd managed to get the base coat to adhere and dry, I painted all the lanterns with model making paints (I used Citadel) in metallic colours. I used a mixture of bronze, brass and pewter colours to give an aged metal look, and then I added lots of a copper oxide effect paint to make them look like they had been left outdoors for a long time.

I am really pleased with how the painted lanterns turned out!

They now look like old metal lanterns, and go well with all the other antique inspired objects I have in the area I have hung them up in. I'm pleased that I was able to transform them from something I wasn't sure about and had left languishing in a box, to something I really love having on display!


  1. I love your repaint! Very crafty, and I adore the oxidised copper effect.

  2. These are absolutely amazing! Honesty, such a good job - they look so much better too.


  3. Those lanterns are absolutely gorgeous! I want to tidy up and decorate my house this year, and you're a huge inspiration. xx