Sunday, January 14, 2018

Treasures From The Sea

I have really felt drawn to the sea recently, and have also felt the need to surround myself with things related to the sea and water.

On a visit to Clevedon I picked up this little sea urchin shell from a shop that sold secondhand and handmade things. I love the delicate colouring and almost alien shape.

I also collected some colourful seaglass from the beach. I have put it into a little glass jar, and I hope to collect a few pieces from each beach visit to add, until the jar is filled up. 

I actually ended up visiting the beach more towards the end of 2017 than I had in the entirety of the previous three years.

I couldn't resist gathering a few shells to remind me of my visits. From various beaches I ended up with some carpet shells, scallop shells, limpet and whelk shells.

Not long after returning from one of my seaside visits I spotted this stunning shell in a charity shop, and as I was still very much in a mermaid state of mind (although let's face it, when am I not) I grabbed it. It has an incredible rainbow iridescence on the inside.

I also got a little opalised ammonite fossil from World Fossils and Gems. I've always been fascinated by these remains of prehistoric ocean dwellers, and finding an iridescent one seemed like a sign.

Is there anything you have felt particularly drawn to recently?


  1. I love seaglass! Something so beautiful from rubbish!

  2. I really love the texture of sea glass :) That sea urchin shell is AMAZING, and I want one of my own so much now! It definitely has an alien feel to it and that makes me need one even more haha! I really need to organise and photograph my shell collection some day - Sarah x