Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Thrift Haul

I had some particularly lovely thrift finds in the latter part of last year, so I thought I would share them.
First up is this large makeup bag, which has a very mermaidy raised scale effect and a slight iridescence. The pinkish colour isn't what I would normally go for, but my old makeup bag had started falling apart, and the price (£1!) and iridescence convinced me.

I then got another, smaller makeup bag which is holographic and wonderfully rainbow-y. This one was completely unused and still in the original packaging. I like to have a big makeup bag to keep all my poor neglected products in at home, and a smaller one to take out in my bag, so this combined with the bigger pink one is perfect.

Continuing the mermaidy theme, I got this very vintage looking glass shell necklace, which is originally from Accessorize. I like how subtle it is. Most mermaid themed things are extremely shiny or colourful, which I like sometimes, but my favourites are the more muted or natural looking mermaid items. I think this would be great for an autumnal mermaid look, or a 1920s style mermaid.

The last vaguely mermaid themed item I got was this stunning large paua shell. I am really wary of buying shells new as their provenance is often pretty dodgy, so I am always delighted to find them in charity shops. This is a particularly gorgeous shell with intense blue, green and violet hues on the inside.

An intriguing object I bought is this vintage photo album. Initially I was drawn to the sweet design on the cover, but I was also fascinated by the strange selection of photos inside. There are only a few but they are mysterious images of women, and some unknown landscapes. I wish I knew more about this album's history! I always find old photographs so fascinating.

I also bought a couple of things to satisfy my wannabe Pre-Raphaelite muse side. The first was this darling brooch. I was attracted by the copper flower-I am currently loving all things copper-and snatched it up. When I examined it at home I noticed a hallmark and makers mark on the back. Turns out it's a vintage piece from the 1940s made by a company called Van Dell, and it's plated with real gold! I love that it has some history to it. Despite being a 1940s piece I think it's very timeless and could be from almost any era, and personally it reminds me of William Morris floral designs. I think it's going to fit so well with so many of my outfits!

The final piece de resistance is this amazing silk scarf, which was untouched in the original box when I bought it. It's originally from Past Times-does anyone remember that shop? I used to love looking through their catalogues as a child. The design is stained glass inspired and has beautiful roses and insects in rich jewel tones, on a black background. I adore stained glass so I loved this on first sight, and kept going back to the shop until I succumbed and bought it. I'm not sure how I will wear it, but I find it so inspiring just as a lovely object. Every time I look at the stunning design I seem to get another idea for something I could make. To be honest I'm tempted to find some way of hanging it up on the wall, so I can admire it all the time.

I was really pleased with all my recent thrift finds, and I think the brooch and scarf are some of my favourite finds ever.


  1. Wgat wonderful finds! Will you do a post about the pictures inside the album?

  2. Oh my gosh, all of the items in this post are gorgeous! I especially love your first two photographs with that beautiful pearly iridescent fabric in the background <3 it's so pretty!

    The necklace is so cool, and really quite different with it being brown. You're right, it would be the perfect accessory for an autumnal mermaid look! I'd love to see the photographs inside the album you bought, I'm very intrigued :) That scarf design instantly makes me think of Disney's Beauty & The Beast. Stained glass is so lovely. You found so many fabulous things! - Sarah x