Sunday, January 28, 2018

Mermaid Haul

I recently acquired several pretty things with an iridescent and holographic mermaid inspired theme, so I thought I'd group them together into a little haul. The first one is the only thing I bought myself, the rest are belated Christmas gifts. This is a duochrome "oilslick" effect shell shaped ceramic money box from Sainsbury's. I'd been eyeing them while doing food shopping for weeks, and they went down to £2.50 in the post-Christmas sale so I snapped one up. It's really gorgeous and colourful, and I'm currently keeping it on my desk as eye candy.

Next is a lovely gift from a sweet friend. She saw these iridescent tealight holders and thought of me, and they are so spot on for my taste! I love them and am so touched that my friend chose such a perfectly "me" present.

My partner's siblings gave me equally thoughtful and heartwarming gifts too. One gave me this set of pretty makeup bags- a large translucent bag with a 3D scale pattern, a medium sized iridescent scale patterned bag, and a small shimmery bag that says "always be a mermaid". The pulls are also little shell shapes! They are super cute. I recently replaced my make up bags with thrifted ones, so I might use these for art supplies or coins instead. I think the biggest one would be good for keeping all my paper bits from art journaling

Another of my partner's siblings gave me this lovely seashell necklace with rhinestones, which is dazzling in the daylight...

but even better in the dark! It glows in the dark! I think it's amazing. I'm planning to use it in some outfits and a lookbook I'll be working on later in the year.
It's really nice that people gave me gifts which fit me so well, and I am really enjoying all my new mermaid goodies!


  1. Oh wow, all of the pretty shiny things! So gorgeous.
    Sounds like you have some lovely thoughtful people in your life :) As well as great taste haha, love a good oil slick!

    Danielle xo

  2. Awesome stuff! The money box and the candle holders are so gorgeous I want them too <3

  3. Oh Polly these are all so pretty! That pouch is just delightful and th necklace glowing in the dark reminds me of Ariels necklace! X x x x