Sunday, January 07, 2018

Crystal Haul

Crystals have increasingly appealed to me over the last couple of years, and I always seem to have at least a few crystals on my mental wishlist. So when I got a bit of unexpected money I went a bit ham on the crystal shopping, and here is the resulting crystal haul.

First is a type of crystal I have wanted to own for literally years, an opal/angel aura quartz. I fell in love with these after seeing pictures of them online and initially thinking they were photoshopped. When I realised they were a real thing,I knew I had to have one! They look so fantasy-like and remind me of the soul gems in Skyrim. They are quartz crystals which are treated with metal to create the pastel rainbow shine. Although I had some aura quartz geodes, I really wanted this cluster for the full fantasy effect. This one is quite milky which makes the colours stand out even more! I got this at a bargain price as it was secondhand. 

I'd never had a massive amount of interest in selenite until I saw a video of someone cleansing their Tarot cards with one and that seemed like a brilliant idea. So I bought a piece for that purpose, and now that I have it I've really come to appreciate its subtle, moon-like beauty. This piece was from World Fossils & Gems

I had wanted a Bristol Diamond (quartz crystal on iron ore, from the Avon area) since seeing some in the local museum. The Dragon's Gallery tweeted that they had some and I was straight there to pick up a piece. It is super tiny but so sparkly and beautiful! I love having a local crystal, I think it makes it very special, and it's very meaningful to me.

I also picked up this little hematite, which looks like a tiny galaxy. I'd never seen a hematite this colourful before. 

I couldn't resist getting a few crystals back when I was in Glastonbury, so I got this gorgeous dark purple amethyst from Crystals. Amethyst is one of my favourite crystals and I especially like the darker toned ones.

I also got a little quartz geode. I find geodes quite enchanting, they are like magical miniature caves. I especially like that this one has both halves.

From Elestial I got a tiny angel aura quartz point. This one is a very clear quartz, so is more subtle than the big milky cluster. I'm thinking about making it into a pendant. 

I got a little aura amethyst cluster from Etsy, because I can't get enough of the fantasy aura rainbow glow. To be honest, although the crystal is stunning, the seller I bought this from wasn't great. But if you want something similar, The Crystal Coven UK is reputable, and often has aura amethyst pieces.

I got another aura crystal (are you sensing the theme/obsession? ^^) but this time a piece of pearl aura quartz. It has a soft pearly metallic shine which makes me think of the moon and stars, or the insides of shells. 

The last aura pieces I got were these tiny aura geodes, from a local museum gift shop. I was feeling very drawn to the violet and blue shades that seem to be becoming my signature colours. I think I now have enough aura crystals to kit out an entire fantasy realm, so I should probably resist buying any more for some time!

Finally I picked up a rough chunk of rose quartz, also from the museum gift shop. I have a soft spot for rough crystals, and this one has some lovely rainbows in it.

Do you have a favourite crystal?


  1. I adore hematite and that one is no exception, I think I'm going to have to find my own piece!