Wednesday, January 10, 2018


Clevedon is a charming little estuary town in Somerset, with the slightly faded beauty that a lot of Victorian era seaside resorts now have. 

It has some beautiful (mostly Victorian) buildings and architectural details, lots of charity shops, and a host of interesting independent shops, so it is exactly my cup of tea. I hope to explore more of these on future visits, but my main draw on this occasion was to see the sea and walk on the beach.

I have really felt the pull of the coast throughout the darker months. I love beaches in winter, when the light is weak and everything takes on a slightly otherworldly, washed out appearance. The beach at Clevedon is wild and rocky, untamed and covered in black swathes of seaweed. It is the kind of beach I can imagine selkies washing up on.

At the end of the seafront is the stunning Clevedon Pier, first built in 1869. It partially collapsed in the 1970s, but was restored in the 1980s and is now a listed building. 

It's easy to see why, because its beautiful and somehow gives the illusion of lightness and delicacy, despite being made from iron and steel. Parts of it are actually made from railway rails!

I was determined to go onto the Pier, but I am also very scared of heights, so in between taking photos I did a lot of very undignified shrieking and clinging to things.

I was able to see the funny side though, and it was worth it for the incredible views and seeing all the lovely details of the Pier up close.

 I am someone who needs to be around expanses of water regularly, so I am really happy to have a seaside town nearby, especially one that fits my interests and aesthetics so well.

I am looking forward to returning through the seasons and exploring different parts of the town, especially the coastal walks. I love finding places that inspire me!


  1. Clevedon looks lovely, I adore the Victorian seaside aesthetic.

  2. Clevedon looks lovely :) I absolutely love the way you described beaches at winter being otherworldly. They really are! Yay, well done for venturing onto the pier despite your fear of heights, that's awesome! I really like your photograph under the pier... looking through the centre of the metal almost reminds me of some sort of optical illusion image :D if that even makes sense. Thankyou for sharing your photos of this cute little seaside town - Sarah x