Friday, December 29, 2017

Witchy Vintage Style Homewares Haul

I recently fell head over heels back in love with all things Victorian, Pre-Raphaelite, Arts and Crafts movement and Gothic Revival, as you will have seen if you read this post. It helped me realise that my ideal life would be to live in a Gothic Revival house in the woods that looks out over the sea, and to spend my time making beautiful things, collecting interesting objects, looking after an extensive plant collection, spending time in nature, looking like a Pre-Raphaelite muse, and generally being a little bit witchy and bohemian. Although this isn't entirely possible for me right now, I wanted to incorporate some of the aesthetic aspects of this into my current home, to help keep the dream alive. Having things which fit my visual preferences in my surroundings really help to inspire me and keep me on track, so it's something that is pretty important to me! It turned out that I already had a lot of things which would fit perfectly into this dream life aesthetic, and I'll be blogging about those soon,  but I wanted to share a few of the new pieces I picked up for my surroundings. Most of the items are thrifted, and there are a couple of new pieces as well.
So first up I stumbled across this beautiful iridescent glass lantern in a charity shop. I absolutely adore anything iridescent, and I collect lustreware, so this fits in perfectly. I'd never seen an iridescent lantern before, and I also like the rounded shape and engraved details.

This amazing shelf was a gift from the thrifting gods. I already had two of these boat shaped shelves in smaller sizes and wanted a bigger one, so had been looking at similar shelves online just before I found it. This one was much cheaper than the online equivalents, and is also much more my style. It's a very simple distressed white finish, in great condition. I like these boat shaped shelves as not only do they fit with my mermaid aesthetic, they are very similar in shape to Gothic arches, so fulfill two of my preferences in one go!

I can't get enough of Victorian looking lanterns at the moment, so I was very happy to find this beautiful metal lantern. It was exactly what I had in mind, I love when thrift finds line up so perfectly with my ideas!

I like to have a lot of differently shaped bottles for an old apothecary look, so the shape of this glass bottle caught my eye. As an added bonus, it's also slightly iridescent, so it goes really well with the iridescent lantern and my other iridescent things. 

I thought this little parlor palm plant was perfect for the sort of bohemian Victorian art studio look I had in mind, and I found the perfect pot for it lying around at home. The plant was from an independent flower shop-as a side note I really recommend checking out local, small plant shops, as I've found them to have really interesting selections and to be surprisingly cheap.

In another thrifting miracle, I found replacements for the glasses that smashed in an unfortunate incident earlier this year! I'd been looking for them on ebay, and the ones I could find were all very expensive. I was thinking I'd have to give up on getting replacements, when three of the exact design showed up in the charity shop-and because they were an odd number, they were also quite cheap. Even though I only drink soft drinks from them, they make it a much more luxurious experience!

I already had a brass effect box and tiny brass effect terrarium,so when I saw this little glass and brass box I knew it would fit in perfectly. The shape is wonderful, and the engraved plant details are a lovely touch.

This is one of my favourite things I have ever thrifted, just because it is so adorable. It's an incense burner in the shape of a witch hat, and the shape and the colour remind me so much of the uniforms in Little Witch Academia. I am really looking forward to getting some incense and using this.

As someone with probably too many craft supplies, I am always on the lookout for pretty storage for buttons and beads, and these little glass jars fit the bill perfectly. I am also thinking of filling one of them with sea glass, for a pretty display.

You may remember that I thrifted a Portmeirion mug in a previous haul. Unfortunately the handle of that one broke off in an unfortunate washing up accident, so although I am using it as a pen pot, it's not great for drinking tea any more. Luckily I found a Portmeirion treasure trove at the charity shops, and got two mugs in the more modern Eden Flowers and Eden Fruits designs for just 80p.

I think the botanical illustration style of the designs works really well with my aesthetic, despite them being very modern in shape. They are excellent builders tea mugs.

I also picked up two smaller Portmeirion cups from the Botanic Garden range, which have designs of moths and flowers, so couldn't be more me if they tried. These cups are dated 1972, which makes me happy, as I think it's quite special to drink my tea from something which has been around considerably longer than I have.

The only thing from a "normal" high street shop in this haul is this stunning poster from Paperchase. It was exactly what I was after, I love the style of illustration used, and I had been wanting a poster of crystals for ages. The paper is really good quality too, with a gorgeous texture.

I am really happy with everything I picked up, and although I still have some work to do on it, I feel like my home has really started to come together with these new additions. I love how much my aesthetic preferences have crystallised recently, and how I've found ways of linking all the different things I like and making them work together. It makes me feel really enthusiastic about not just decorating my home, but making things and creating outfits too!

What was your favourite piece from this haul?


  1. I love your brass and glass box. I have a collection of varying shapes and sizes. Perhaps a dozen or more. But, I haven't seen one that has the lovely etching. Good find! Also, I have pieces from Portmeiron, so I appreciate those mugs. And the mineral chart is so lovely. Your crystal that trotted along to every photo op, is stunning!

  2. I love gothic revival & Victorian things too! You've found such gorgeous items <3 I especially love the Portmeirion cups with the Botanical designs on them! Also that witches hat incense burner is so adorable, I want one! The glass bottle you got is really pretty too :) I always love reading your thrifty haul posts. Happy New Year lovely!

    Sarah | Raiin Monkey

  3. Oh, those are all beautiful! I love it when the thrifting gods provide you with whatever you're searching for right at that moment. I think I'm particularly fond of the boat shelf and the fancy glasses. I can't wait for the post about the things you already had, discovering already-existent treasures is so fun!