Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The Magic Of Glastonbury

Glastonbury is a place I had felt a pull to visit for a long time. With its associations with King Arthur, Paganism, witchcraft and all things mystical and magical, it seemed like it would be my dream place, and I had vague memories of its magic from visiting as a child. But it was also somewhere I was avoiding, worried I had built it up too much in a combination of imagination and memory, and that in reality it would be just a tacky tourist cliche.

The truth is, it is a cliche. It is every hippie-new age-pagan-witchy stereotype made flesh. But it turns out, I love that cliche! And it doesn't dim any of the magic.

To ensure I actually got to Glastonbury and didn't bail out at the last minute, I had arranged to meet my internet witch sisters Kelly and Elena when I arrived. Trying to locate them after I alighted from the bus, I popped into a shop to shelter while I called them.

On display was a crystal ball on a crescent moon shaped stand, and I immediately knew that I was going to love this place.

Generally I really dislike shopping as a pastime, and struggle to find shops I am interested in. But here almost every shop was a treasure trove, a delight to enter and explore. It wasn't so much about buying things, it was just wonderful to be surrounded by so much of what I am interested in and enjoy.

Sharing the experience with Elena and Kelly made the day even better, especially as we all shared the sense of awe at finding somewhere that fit us so well. I think our shared joy and excitement brought us closer together than would be usual for a first meeting, and it felt like spending a day with old friends. 

The entire day was full of wonder, but I think the most special place for me was The Glastonbury Experience Courtyard. Although we didn't go into any of the temples or libraries that make up The Glastonbury Experience, the space alone was incredible.

There was a passageway with the walls and even the floor studded with crystals, a crystal encrusted shrine, wishing trees, and stunning murals of mythical and Pagan subjects.  It really felt like a special place.

It was also home to one of the most amazing shops I have ever stepped into, Star Child. This wondrous apothecary was not only aesthetically gorgeous but full of divine smells from the incense, candles, essential oils and aromas that they sell. Surrounded by candles and goddess statues, the time in Star Child felt almost like a religious experience.

After spending the day being dazzled by the town, we were all pretty tired and so didn't get to climb the Tor, although Elena very kindly drove us to the foot of the Tor so I could take a peek and get a photo.

Usually if I haven't done everything a place has to offer I would feel like I hadn't made the most of it, but this time I felt completely contented. This day was a for a different type of magic.

The magic of making friends, finding your place in the world and moving closer to self acceptance. This day, in this town, with these people, made me realise that loving the things I do, following the path I do, is what makes me happy and makes me, well, ME. It has already brought me closer to some wonderful people, and pursuing these things more openly and with more passion is only likely to make me happier. I returned home feeling so joyful and inspired!

I will definitely be returning to Glastonbury for some more magic very soon.

Photos taken at Wildwood, Enchanted Florals, Elestial, and The Glastonbury Experience Courtyard


  1. It was such a wonderful day, and I can't wait for out next magickal adventure. <3

  2. Oh, you have to go to the Abbey! It's the most wonderful space- enormous!- right in the centre of the town. Expensive, but you can use your ticket for unlimited visits within a week, and I'd go a second time in a heartbeat.

  3. I just chatted with the boyfriend about where we'd like to go on a Britain round-trip and Glastonbury is definitely on that list. It truly looks lovely!