Friday, September 22, 2017


 Sunflowers seem to be everywhere I go recently. I have seen them in the expected places, the Botanic Garden and the city farm allotments, but also in the most unexpected places. 

When I visited Glastonbury there was a shop window filled with huge paper sunflowers, and sunflowers were growing wild at the foot of the Tor.

They have been in shops I've visited, and unusually for me, I have been buying cut sunflowers and keeping them around me in my home.

On a recent spur of the moment trip to the seaside with Elena, there was even a sunflower emblazoned bandstand on the seafront.

So it wasn't really a surprise when they showed up in my own creative work, in the form of these little embroidered felt sunflowers. The sunny yellow felt instantly made me think of them.

The centres are hundreds of French knots, which gives a gorgeous texture, and the petals are worked in stem stitch in a gradient dyed thread.

I finally sat down to do some art work, and sunflowers made an appearance there too! I felt the urge to do some sunflower sketches from my own photographs. This one is a very loose one, done with watercolour pencil.

This one was done with black fineliner and watercolour paints. I wanted to focus on using the same shade of colour to build up layers, by diluting the paints to different levels.

I really like the look of the watercolour tattoos that have become popular recently, so I wanted to do something in that kind of style. This was also done with fineliner and watercolour, and it came out exactly as I wanted! I really love this one.

Sunflowers are associated with positivity, strength, abundance (because of the many seeds), happiness, friendship and good luck, so I feel that all of these sunflowers appearing in my life is a sign of good things to come!


  1. I'm a big fan of choosing your own symbols to use time and again and I think especially the red sundflower suits you so well!