Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Summer Thrifting

I did A LOT of thrifting this summer...probably too much, if my bank balance is anything to go by. But I did get some lovely things, so here is a round up of them all! To start off, I picked up this gorgeous leaf necklace, which I think looks very elven. It's a beautiful necklace but also makes a good circlet on my head.

I also got this perfectly mermaid-y realistic seahorse necklace. 

I was having a bit of a William Morris moment this summer, and I grabbed this dress because I thought the print was very Morris inspired, and I liked the colours. I also really like the shape of the sleeves, as they flare out slightly.

I got these pretty earrings because I thought they would go really well with the William Morris style dress, the colours and motifs are similar. I am trying to buy more things that go together, rather than lots of random mismatching things.

I liked how Celtic looking this ceramic brooch is, and it's going to be handy for pinning shawls in place this autumn.

This necklace caught my eye because it has tiny pairs of scissors on it, which as a crafter I love!

This is one of my favourite purchases this year, a beautiful scarf in my favourite blue and purple hues.

It's rare to find matching picture frames second hand, so I snapped up these black frames when I saw them. I'm going to use them to frame the postcards from my witchy haul.

An exciting find was these three books on Cornish folklore, with gorgeous covers. They were only 49p each! I'm hoping to visit Cornwall next year so will definitely be using these to read up on local legends before I go.

I found a few Observer's books, on wild animals, astronomy and the seashore.

I always buy these if they are cheap enough and on something I'm interested in, as I love the look of the books and the illustrations are always amazing.

I found a charity shop which had a whole rail of dresses for £3, so I had to snap up a couple. The first was this grey and black tie dye effect dress. It's perfect for me as I love dark tie dye, and it's floor length, which is my preferred length for dresses and skirts.

I also got this gorgeous red dress which ties at the waist and neck and has gathered sleeves with cuffs and antique gold coloured buttons. It's so beautiful, I adore the colour and the style really reminds me of something a Pre Raphaelite angel would wear.

I was lucky enough to find this big amethyst crystal in one of my favourite charity shops. Although I've had a lot of luck finding crystals second hand, they are usually quite small. This is one of the biggest crystals I've thrifted and it's also a lovely deep purple.

These are perhaps one of the silliest things I've ever thrifted, but they're so fun! They are fish shaped pens, and I use them surprisingly often.

I got a teeny tiny cauldron because I can never resist anything cauldron shaped. I might use it for burning incense.

This collar necklace is huge and so sparkly! I bought this when I was thinking about autumn and winter, and darker outfits. 

I got some vintage sewing patterns which were very cheap! They're from the 1970s, and in my experience '70s shapes suit my figure, so I will probably try making something from these.

I got this fabulous but slightly odd shirt dress because the print is the same as some fabric I had, and I've always wanted more things in that print. So when I saw this I had to have it! It has all sorts of woodland animals, and some random parrots for good measure. I think it's great for autumn, although I may alter the shape a bit to suit me better.

I got this lace jacket thing because I thought it would be great for some dolly kei or natural kei inspired outfits. I think it's actually a long top that someone has cut, but I like it better like this anyway. It has huge bell sleeves and is very floaty.

And finally, another lacy thing. After years and years of wanting one I found a lace parasol! It has beautiful, high quality lace but isn't too fussy or elaborate, so it's just what I wanted. I'll probably have to wait until next year to use it now, but I'm so happy I found it!

What was your favourite piece from this haul?


  1. I have those earrings!!! And the astronomy book 😊

  2. What a marvellous haul! I can't really pick a favourite, but I think it's between the cauldron-shaped pot, the lace parasol and that blush pink lace top/dress. I love the amethyst, too, though!
    I had byros like those fish when I was younger and I think they make a great addition to any landlocked mermaid's desk (or, in my case, selkie ;) ).