Saturday, September 09, 2017

Magical Meanderings

This summer I went on one of the most magical, breathtaking walks I have ever been on. It started in a beautiful meadow, filled with wildflowers. Perched on the thistles were clouds of six-spot burnet moths, their black and red colouring contrasting beautifully with the soft mauve of the thistles.  White butterflies flitted above the grass.

At the edges where meadow gave way to woodland grew brambles, their blossoms pollinated by hardworking bees.

But the biggest treasure of the day was waiting on the other side of the woods.

The glimpse of a fawn. Something I have hoped to experience for years. It was just as wonderful and miraculous as I had imagined.

Back in the meadow, I spotted the gorgeous purple to blue gradient of tufted vetch, one of my favourite wildflowers.

The white bindweed was luminous in the bright sunlight.

A change of direction, and more magic was waiting.

A fallow deer herd with several leucistic stags. White stags are a good omen, messengers from the otherworld, rare and beautiful. The whole herd had something mystical and elegant about it.

Finally home, through another meadow, with skylarks singing and swooping over the tall grasses.

As a final remarkable moment, a skylark walked across our path ahead of us. [It's that little white dot on the shorter grass]


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