Friday, September 29, 2017

Autumnal Thrift Haul

The seasons definitely affect my shopping habits, so it's no surprise that my recent thrift finds have all been rather autumnal.

I love Jackie Morris' art, and I have wanted her book The Seal Children, which is about selkies, for ages. I don't know why but selkies seem strangely autumnal to me for some reason. Lo and behold this copy of the older edition of the book was waiting for me in my local charity shop, and it was only 99p.

When I got it home and opened it to look through the illustrations, I realised it's signed. What a treasure.

I picked up two mugs, one by Portmeirion and one by Poole, which have designs in very autumnal colours. I've wanted a Portmeirion mug with moths or butterflies in the design for ages, and although this one isn't in my usual colour palette I felt really drawn to it. I love the nightshade included in the design on the Poole mug, so that was the deciding factor in buying that one.

I also got this log shaped pot thing. I'm not sure what it's intended for but I'd like to try potting some tiny plants in it, maybe very small succulents or some moss.

This tiny wooden hedgehog was destined for the printers tray full of random small objects that hangs in my kitchen. He's so cute!

Finally, I can never pass up picture frames, especially if they are in matching sets. The three white ones were bought with some yet-to-be-framed mini prints in mind, and I think the big wooden frame is going to hold a collection of vintage tea cards.


  1. I had a hedgehog just like this when I was little (and I still have it somewhere). There's a German (or Austrian?) factory that makes these, maybe yours is by them, too? Anyway, it's such a lovely haul, and congratulations on the book again!

  2. Oh, that little hedgehog is precious!

  3. That little hedgehog is just precious! nice haul. )

  4. My Mum had a couple of those log-shaped planters around the house when I was a child. They bring back memories!

  5. How do you find such magical things?!