Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Witchy Clothing and Homewares Try On Haul

Over the last few years my style has gradually got more "witchy", with lots of black and darker colours, long skirts and dresses, velvet, and crystal jewellery. Recently I've been wanting to reflect that in my home too, and I've ended up picking up quite a few witchy homewares, clothing and accessories over the last few months.
The most obvious starting point is this gorgeous embroidery, which literally says "Witchy". I love the font, the little heart above the i, and the simple star designs around the lettering. It's dark but also a little bit playful, which I like. I bought it secondhand from Vee on Depop. I saw on her Twitter that she was selling this and downloaded the Depop app just so I could buy it!

One of the reasons I was so keen to get it is because I thought it would go really well with this beautiful print that Kelly from MyFairPixel sent me. I sent her some old books and collage materials for her art journalling, and she offered to send me a print as a thank you. I chose this beautiful black crystal image I'd been eyeing on her Instagram. I love Kelly's crystal pictures and already own a print of a pastel coloured crystal from her, so this is the perfect counterpoint to that. I also really like how it looks like the crystal has a whole constellation inside it. This particular print isn't available in her shop, but she does have some other amazing witchy prints!

I had been after some new sunglasses for ages (I don't know what has happened to my old pair, they seem to have vanished off the face of the planet?!), and I found this perfectly witchy pair, still in the packaging, in a charity shop. I find it quite difficult to find sunglasses which suit me, but I really like these and think they look alright with my face shape. I can imagine one of Jacquelin de Leon's witches wearing sunglasses like this.

I have developed a complete obsession with holey, loose knit, shredded knitwear over the last year, for which I partly blame Negasonic Teenage Warhead from Deadpool. Her scarf is amazing and I plan to knit a similar one at some point. Anyway, I instantly fell for this oversized, cropped jumper when I saw it. It has a really interesting shape, and I think it looks very cute with pretty lingerie stle tops peeking from underneath. It's originally from Next, but I got it from a charity shop.

I don't often buy strappy dresses, but I made an exception for this gorgeous floor length velvet dress that I thrifted. It's difficult to see in the photo, but it has a shiny scale print over the velvet, and makes me think of a sea witch mermaid. It's very old New Look, probably from the '90s, judging from the label. 

I finally bought this black liquid lipstick after trying to find it in a physical shop for months. Eventually I just gave up and ordered it online. It's the MUA Velvet Luxe Lip Lacquer in Potent. I haven't worn it yet but I have other liquid lipsticks from the same range and I'm happy with those, so hopefully it will be equally as good.

Continuing my obsession with the shredded knitwear, I bought this laddered, cropped jumper in a charity shop. This one also has a pretty interesting shape, with oversized sleeves and quite a high neckline. It's originally from Boohoo.

I got an astronomy themed postcard and a moon postcard from the Arnolfini Bookshop, because I thought these would also look really good with the MyFairPixel print and Witchy embroidery. I plan to put them into plain black frames and hang them as wall art. I love moon motifs and anything to do with astronomy or constellations, so these are perfect.

Speaking of constellations, I also got this starry print skater dress from a charity shop. It's a bit shorter than most of the things I wear, but I think it will be ok with tights, and I love the print! 

Another thing I'm very drawn to of late is tie dye. I'm not really into the very bright rainbow coloured tie dye, but anything with shades of grey or black will probably find it's way into my wardrobe. I grabbed this skirt as soon as I saw it in a charity shop, because it is so perfectly my style. It's a very simple wrap skirt, with round tie dye patterns across the length and a more vertical tie dye pattern around the hem. It kind of reminds me of jellyfish. I'm also planning to use this skirt as a template to make more wrap skirts.

I got some black false nails, which are the kind I like best, with the little tab to apply them with. These were thrifted, and although I wouldn't normally thrift anything to do with makeup or nails, these were sealed and unused so I think they'll be ok. 

The last clothing piece I picked up was this black fine knit jumper, which I thrifted. From the front it looks quite plain, but the back has this lovely lace detailing. It's surprisingly warm, so I'm looking forward to getting more use out of it in the autumn and winter.

I picked up this amazing antler candelabra in a charity shop. It is made from metal and is pretty heavy, and it's so beautiful! Deer are one of my favourite animals and have always been quite a good omen for me, so I love to have things related to them around me. I've stuck some beeswax candles I made into it for now, and will hopefully get a chance to actually light them soon!

Finally, I got this pretty aura geode from the Bristol Museum giftshop. It's a dyed stone, the blue isn't the natural colour, but I was just buying it as decor and not for my crystal collection, so I don't mind. It's super sparkly and looks very fantasy-esque.

What was your favourite thing from this haul? Do you like witchy aesthetics?


  1. That candelabra! And knitted shrug! I think those glasses are a similar shape to mine, I have a rounded face shape too so glasses can be hard to find!

    1. Yeah I'm so happy I found the candelabra! It was only £2 as well! Most glasses look really odd on me, I had one pair where every time I smiled my round cheeks would push them up onto my forehead XD

  2. Oh my gosh this entire post is just utter eye candy Polly, I love all of the things you got, especially the geode and the two postcards, they're stunning. Love the clothing pieces you got too, they look great on you, especially the two loose knit/shredded pieces - perfect for the upcoming autumn weather too. - Tasha

  3. Great post! I really enjoyed reading it; you bought such pretty things! I'm lovin' the postcards from the Arnolfini Bookshop. They are lovely :) I'm definitely going to check out their website. I really like the black knit jumper with the lovely lace detailing on the back. It's really nice!

    I'm also a fan of knitted jumpers that are laddered and have that grunge goth look, so I think your new purchases are great! The starry skarter dress is awesome too. Plus, I want that aura geode! x

    Sarah | Raiin Monkey

    1. Thanks Sarah! I'm looking forward to wearing a lot of black this autumn and winter XD

  4. Oh, it's all so pretty! I love the loose knit things and that beautiful strap dress. And I adore your selfmade candles, the spire/unicorn horn shape is so cool!
    (I also think that's a moon over the "i" in "Witchy"? Looks like a moon to me...)
    I love your hauls in general and I think this aesthetic fits you so well. <3

    1. Thanks! The candles were an accident but they turned out quite well! I have some more hauls to put up and I was worried it was too many hauls, so I'm glad you like them.