Saturday, August 19, 2017

Summer Woods

A hot day, starting overcast and humid, warm and damp like a wet dog. The leaves of the beech trees glowing strangely, in the otherworldly light that happens somewhere between a storm and sunshine.

Later, the sun breaks through, and the woods become a cool refuge from the mugginess of more open spaces. Deep in the trees, where it is still cool and damp, fungi bloom. So do startlingly white flowers, leaves still wet with the morning's rain.

The leaves are a kaleidoscope of a hundred different shades of green.

The fence seems like a boundary between worlds, guarding this quiet space from the hotter, noisier world outside. Eventually, it is time to leave through the kissing gate and make a way back to that world, across the fields.


  1. So magical! I've always wanted to live near a forest like that!

    1. I am super lucky that even though I live in a city, there are loads of forested areas I can walk to! It's one of the main reasons I like living here so much, it's like the best of both city and country living.

  2. Beautiful photos as always Polly, I love the mushrooms especially! I think I'm the type of person who could quite happily take up residence in a forest and live there forever like some kind of pixie, haha! And I can just imagine you doing the same here in this place. Loved this post. - Tasha