Thursday, August 24, 2017

Crystal Mushrooms (A.k.a. I Tried A Pinterest Craft And It Actually Worked)

Sometime several months ago, I came across this Pinterest pin showing some magical looking mushrooms made from glass bowls and vases glued together. It seemed simple enough and I loved the results, so I kept an eye out in charity shops for pretty glassware I could make some mushrooms with. Eventually I managed to gather enough pieces to make two mushrooms-individual pieces of glassware in the right sizes were surprisingly difficult to find!

I washed and dried each piece of glassware, then glued the bowls I wanted to use for the tops to the vase and glass I had got for the stalks using Dovecraft Acrylic Glue. I left them to dry for about 24 hours and they were good to go!

I absolutely love how they turned out and will definitely be keeping an eye out for random glassware so I can make some more. I'm not sure where I will end up displaying them, but for now they look pretty cute hanging out in my garden with my flowers.

For the smaller mushroom I used a glass vase for the stalk and a small glass dish for the cap, which both had molded patterns to emulate cut crystal. For the larger mushroom I used a plain highball glass, and a large glass bowl with a fluted edge and cut glass patterns.