Sunday, July 09, 2017

Iridescent Pastel Mermaid Haul

So here's part two of my humongous pastel-y shiny haul, all the mermaid-y things!

EDIT: If you want to see a video version of this haul, that's now available! 

To start with I got a teacup and mug from Flying Tiger, which  have a very watery looking shape and design. I really like the size of this mug, and have been using it a lot for my coffee.

I got this very nautical patch from ebay, I love the tiny metallic seashells. I'm thinking of making or thrifting a bag to sew mermaid themed patches to.

I thrifted a couple of very mermaid-esque paperweights, the first being this iridescent glass sphere with bubbles inside. I think it is so beautiful! Like a soap bubble caught in time.

The other paperweight is this iridescent, opaque glass seashell.  I caught a glimpse of the rainbow shine inside the display in a charity shop, and was really happy to realise on closer inspection that not only was it something iridescent, it was seashell shaped! Perfect!

I also thrifted this adorable mint green stingray plushie. I picked it up thinking it might be good to add to a mermaid costume, realised how incredibly soft it is and couldn't leave it behind.

The final thrifted find is perhaps one of my best charity shop purchases ever. A set of oyster shells, with stunning mother of pearl inside.

They have an incredible nacreous sheen and shimmer with a pastel rainbow in the light.

A couple of them even have the beginnings of pearl formations inside, which is so interesting and awesome!

They are just so beautiful, and I feel so lucky to have found them! 

This was actually a gift from my boyfriend, but I chose it so I am still including it. It's the piece de resistance in my newly created lustreware collection, and I adore it. 

It's an iridescent, white teacup and saucer, which are both in the shape of seashells. The shape is so pretty and playful, and I especially like the little curly feet on the teacup. It is antique and very precious, so I'm a little bit scared to use it! It's on display above my desk at the moment, so I can see it every day.

Finally, I managed to get my mermaid mitts on some of the stretchy scale fabric I've been after for years. It's a very very very shiny silver holographic print, which shines different rainbow colours when the light hits it. I'm going to have to think carefully about what I use this for, because I was very restrained and only got half a metre. If anyone has ideas, please leave them in the comments!


  1. Oh this is stunning! I thought that first mug was gorgeous but as I read through the post and came to the second one with the teacup and saucer I was swooning, the design is so pretty and the colour is gorgeous! Adore the little plushie ray too, so sweet. Also those oyster shells are an absolute find, they're stunning! - Tasha

  2. The teacup from your boyfriend is amazing! I'd be scared to use it too! And I love all your finds!

  3. That cup and saucer are so perfect for you! Again I love all your finds but that's a real treasure your boyfriend got you. I imagine it having magical properties, like being able to scry the nearest mermaid cave with it or something like that...
    And the stingray is so cute, too!
    If you only got half a metre of the fabric my initial thought of leggings might be out of the question. How about a simple figure-hugging mini skirt? I think that would look lovely with dark tights and a soft, fluffy jumper in Winter...

  4. Love everything, especially the little sting ray!! :).