Sunday, June 04, 2017

Looking Back At Spring


I spent a lot of time outside this Spring, and took a lot of photos...and then forgot to share most of them. So I thought I would do a little look back, at what was a spectacularly beautiful Spring.

                                                                   (pussy willow)

Maybe it's just because I spent more time outside this Spring than I think I ever have before, but everything seemed unusually verdant and lush.

                                                             (Spanish bluebells)

There were so many flowers of so many different kinds, seemingly everywhere I looked. 

The cherry blossoms, one of my favourite things in the world, were especially gorgeous this year.

I had the magical experience of sitting in the middle of the biggest patch of daffodils I have ever seen, and felt like a flower fairy.

I go a little cuckoo for Spring every year, because I love flowers and growth and fresh leaves and all the other gems of nature, but I cannot remember a year where everything seemed quite as wonderful as it did this year.


I had a lot of plans for creative projects involving Spring, which ended up not happening because of life stuff, but I will definitely be looking back on these photos for inspiration for next year.

                                                               (hybrid bluebell)

So long Spring, until next year. I have big plans for when we meet again.


  1. Beautiful photos as always here Polly, I especially love the pussy willow and the last shot of the bee in the bluebell - so gorgeous! That field full of daffodils is stunning too. - Tasha

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  3. So many flowers!! I absolutely love this post :) Your nature photography is always so stunning. Those white blossoms are so so pretty! I miss Spring already, but thankfully my garden is still full of flowers. A new lily opened today, too! x

    Sarah | Raiin Monkey