Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Spring Thrifting

It's time for a round up of everything I thrifted this Spring! Over the Spring months I have had a really good run of luck with thrift finds. I actually worked for a chain of charity shops until this year, and although I found a lot of awesome stuff at work, the last thing I wanted to do in my free time was thrift. Leaving that job has re-awoken my love of searching for thrifted treasures, and I've been enjoying exploring some of the charity and second hand shops in my new area. 

I picked up some brilliant art supply bargains, starting with this wooden case full of watercolour paints for only £2. I'm still finding my feet with watercolour, so having some low cost paints to play around with without worrying about the expense is perfect.

I also found a set of synthetic paint brushes, a big palette (which I've been wanting for ages!) and a roll of painting canvas. Now I just need to make time to actually do some artwork...

This punch and eyelet set was just £1 and seems to be really good quality. I think the eyelets are intended for scrapbooking, but I'm hoping they'll be strong enough for some decorative eyelet and lacing details on some clothing I'm planning to make.

After seeing them everywhere on the stationery tags on Instagram, I really wanted a vintage letter writing case, and I found a gorgeous black leather one! I also got a vintage brown leather case which originally held a toiletry set, but I am going to fill it with art supplies and use it as a portable art kit. 

When I went to the sculpture event at Bristol Botanic Garden there was a book sale being held to raise money for the gardens. Most of the books were gardening related, but there were a few natural history books, and I snapped up this Mushrooms and Toadstools book and Marjorie Blamey's Flowers of the Countryside. The people running the book sale were so helpful and sweet, and looked through all the books, trying to find ones with good illustrations for me! The mushroom book is very detailed and describes the biology and growth of fungi, which is exactly what I have been looking for. Flowers of the Countryside has the most gorgeous illustrations, and a surprising amount of information on creating your own botanical illustrations. I also got a tiny little Observer Book of Birds, which has the most charming pictures, from a charity shop.

I got this sheer blouse, which has a photographic print of fields of lupins in pastel colours. The print reminds me of the flowers in Skyrim. It will need some altering to make it suit me-right now it is baggy in all the wrong places and has tight elastic at a sort of awkward mid hip level. I couldn't pass up pastel lupins though!

I got some gorgeous jewellery from a charity shop that always seems to have loads of jewellery for really low prices. The silver necklace is Indian, and has a beautiful intricate design and shiny rhinestones. The lily of the valley pin is so precious, and I really like that the leaf pendant can also be taken off the chain and used as a pin. I think it looks a bit Lord of the Rings-esque.

One of my luckiest finds perhaps of all time was a pristine Arthurian Tarot deck, in the original box with the book.  The illustrations are absolutely beautiful, and Arthurian imagery is very significant to me-I first learned about paganism from reading The Mists of Avalon, and the legends have had a huge influence on my aesthetic and interests. It seemed really magical that this deck found me, especially as I bought it on Beltane.
[As a side note, is anyone interested in some posts on Tarot? Let me know in the comments if so!]

I have been really getting back into pastels recently, and especially loving soft blues and purples. Fitting the pastel phase was this darling vintage biscuit tin, which has Japanese scenes in misty hues on the lid and each side. I finally found a stunning paua shell, which is entirely iridescent mother of pearl gorgeousness on both sides, and makes me very happy to look at. I also got some vintage trim with a lovely cherry blossom design. 

The pastel piece de resistance was this AMAZING painting, which mixes autumnal trees (one of my favourite things) with the dreamiest lilac mountains. It is kitschy as heck but I love it so much! I can't wait to get it up on a wall.

I hope you enjoyed seeing all my thrift finds! Let me know which was your favourite in the comments.


  1. What amazing finds! So many special things! Our shops seem to mostly be cheap plastic things and throwaway fashion!

    1. Thanks! I go to some charity shops in quite a well off area so I think that helps, they always seem to have really nice stuff but the prices aren't too high, luckily!

  2. So many beautiful things here Polly, I especially love the vintage nature books you found and that tin with the Japanese detailing on it is just gorgeous! I love the things you can find at thrift shops, they truly are miniature treasure troves. - Tasha

  3. Those are such lovely find! I especially love the lily-of-the-valley pin and the leaf necklace, such great additions for a fae wardrobe! Have you cleansed the tarot after you bought it? I'm always worried about leftover energy that clings to things that I buy...

  4. So many beautiful things! I adore pastels, so I'd have to say my favourites are the tin and the flower trimming. Even though I don't read tarot myself, I'm interested in all sorts of divination, so I'd like to see some posts on it.

  5. You found so many amazing things! The watercolour paints in the wooden case for just £2 & the punch and eyelet set for £1 is just wow!! Such an awesome deal! I want that lily of the valley pin, it's lovely. I've always had a thing for collecting tins so I think the beautiful vintage biscuit tin has to be my favourite item in your post :) x

    Sarah | Raiin Monkey