Wednesday, May 10, 2017

My Crystal Collection

Over the last few years I have slowly built up a collection of crystals. Many of them were bought in a very lucky charity (thrift) shop find of what must have been someones geology collection, and I have added more thrifted finds and a few pieces from various crystal shops. I love how crystals look and they are very much a part of my "aesthetic", I enjoy learning about geology and the scientific aspects of them, and I also like to have them around for their energy and metaphysical properties.

I'm not entirely sure what my beliefs about crystals are, but personally I feel better having them around me, and have often carried pieces of amethyst for stress relief, or put a bit of rose quartz in my bag when meeting someone I wanted to develop a friendship with. For me, they work, and if something works then I try not to question it too much, whether it's really a supernatural energy at work or just a powerful placebo. I've listed the metaphysical properties of each of the stones I own, but please remember that crystals are not a substitute for medicine or support. If you are having problems with illness, see a doctor. If you are unhappy, let someone know and look at how you could change things. Crystals are not a cure all.
I'm not really into having massive crystals, partly because I don't have the space to display huge pieces and partly because they can get very expensive! I'm happy having mostly smaller crystals, and most of my pieces are smaller than my palm. So here is my collection.

Amethyst is one of my favourite crystals. I adore the beautiful purple hues it has, and it is one of the crystals I use the most. I have a polished chunk of darker purple amethyst, and two pieces of paler druzy amethyst, which is super sparkly.

Metaphysical properties: Eases stress, promotes calm and balance, protection, helpful for meditation, spiritual awareness and intuition, aids contentment.

The Ancient Greeks believed that quartz was deeply frozen ice that would never melt, and it's easy to see why. I think clear quartz is one of the most easily recognised crystals, with its pointy, crystalline formations and clear, glassy appearance. I have a couple of tiny quartz clusters, and several small polished quartz points. Some have little rainbows inside where imperfections in the stone cause light to refract. I think it's so wonderful that the stone not being perfect makes something so pretty and delightful, and it's a great metaphor for life! I use my quartz crystals for art reference a lot, as they have such lovely shapes.

Metaphysical properties: Helps connect with the spiritual, neutralising, cleansing, balancing, harmonising, aids concentration.

My calcite is teeny tiny, and has a really interesting rosette formation, with tiny pyrite inclusions. To me it looks a lot like bracket fungi, and being a fungi fanatic I absolutely love that. I bought my calcite as part of a lot without knowing what it was, and have only recently identified it, because most calcite stones have a very different structure. Usually calcite looks more like a slightly cloudy, white version of clear quartz, with points or in a square-ish structure.

Metaphysical properties: Cleansing, protection, grounding, calming, promotes creativity, helps reduce stress.

I have three opal or angel aura quartz geodes (translucent rainbow iridescence), a couple of flame aura quartz geodes (opaque gold/purple/blue iridescence) and a rainbow aura quartz (opaque, metallic iridescence with a range of colours) geode. Aura quartz is made by bonding quartz crystals with different metals (usually gold, titanium or platinum) in a vacuum.

The metal forms a thin layer over the surface of the crystal, creating amazing iridescent or metallic effects, often with a rainbow sheen. I love them because they look like the crystals you find in fantasy settings in video games or books, and I can't get enough of them! They are great art reference for me too.

Metaphysical Properties: Cleansing, clearing and balancing, promoting spiritual awareness and optimism.

I finally found a piece of labradorite recently, after wanting some for ages. Labradorite has a lot of associations with water, and really looks like a beautiful pool of water with sunlight shining through it, so with all my mermaid links I felt like I needed this stone in my life. My piece is a soft greenish grey, with gorgeous green, gold, purple, pink and blue flashes in the light. In some legends it is said that labradorite fell from the Aurora Borealis, which I think is a wonderful image.

Metaphysical properties: Shielding from negativity and energy leaks. inspiration, intuition, promotes synchronicity.

Both of my pieces of rose quartz are tumbled, meaning they are smoothed and rounded. I have a larger, pebble sized stone, and a tiny stone. Tumbled stones aren't actually my preference for crystals, I prefer rougher pieces, but as rose quartz is one of the crystals I use the most often it makes more sense to have smooth stones, for holding or putting in pockets or clothing. Rose quartz is a very pretty pink translucent stone, and my larger piece has some white banding. I think it looks a bit like Turkish delight.

Metaphysical properties: Calming, reassuring, bonding, strengthens empathy, promotes love (both romantic and self love), helps restful sleep.

I have a tiny tumbled black agate, which is an opaque, very shiny black stone. This is another stone that I use quite often, so it's useful to have it as a tumbled stone. Generally, any shiny black crystal will be good for protection and shielding from negativity.

Metaphysical properties: Stabilising and grounding, promotes prosperity, helps focus, promotes spiritual awareness, helps clear emotional pain, protection and shielding from negativity and physic attacks.

My citrine cluster is the largest of all my crystals, and looks pretty impressive. It is unpolished so is not particularly shiny, but it has a soft yellow tint and lovely crystalline shape, and I like the rugged, natural look it has.

Metaphysical properties: Promotes success and prosperity. magnifies personal energy, promotes confidence and will power, energy clearing, encourages positivity.

Aragonite is a really interesting looking stone, with an almost geometric appearance. My piece is unpolished so has a sandy, reddish look to it.

Metaphysical properties: Stabilising and grounding, calming, promoting self discipline, easing stress, aiding sleep.

Peacock ore is another stone that looks like it has come from a fantasy realm. It has a metallic appearance, with bright flashes of pink, blue, gold and purple. I have two small stones, one with much more blue tones and one with more pink and purple tones. They remind me of nebulae.

Metaphysical properties: Aids balance and alignment, protection, enhances intuition, helps with stress release and energy grounding, promotes happiness.

My pyrite is one of the biggest pieces I own, and is a fairly chunky palm sized slab. Pyrite is often called "Fool's Gold" because of its metallic appearance and similar structure to gold, but it is a lighter and more subtle colour.

I also have a much smaller piece of pyrite which has veins of different rocks, quartz crystals and other crystals running through it. It is so beautiful!
Pyrite is the first crystal I remember being interested in, because I was always fascinated by it as a child and owned several tiny pieces I had bought in museum gift shops.

Metaphysical properties: Aura protection, creative inspiration, gives insight, promotes assertiveness and positivity, eases anxiety.

I have a rough little unpolished chunk of green fluorite, which to me looks like solidified sea water. It is such a gorgeous colour, and as I like rough crystals I really admire the shape of this piece.

Metaphysical properties: Aids spiritual development, helps with learning, concentration and clarity, relieves stress, aids emotional healing, promotes self love, amplifies strength of other stones.

I have a gorgeous rough smoky quartz point, which has a very reddish appearance because it still has a lot of earth and rock dust in its crevices. When held up to the light it has a soft, translucent grey colour with some darker inclusions.

Metaphysical properties: Grounding, balancing, protection from negativity, mood lifting, amplifies strength of other stones, promotes serenity, enhances inner strength, helps with creative process.

Carborundum is a man made stone, made by fusing silicon and carbon atoms together. It has a rough, spiky structure with a metallic appearance and beautiful colours ranging from pewter and gold to pink, turquoise and purple. I bought it because to me, it looks like a tiny galaxy caught in a stone, and I love that. I'm pretty sceptical of the metaphysical properties of man made stones, but have listed them anyway just in case anyone is interested.

Metaphysical properties: Brings light into life, purification, helps with intuition.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my collection! If you are interested in more posts on crystals, such as how to use them or where to buy them, please let me know by leaving a comment.


  1. That peacock ore! Oh it's gorgeous! I adored this post Polly as you know I love gemstone and crystals, so seeing these stunning photos was lovely and I loved reading about their properties too and why you love them. One of my favourite posts of yours! - Tasha

  2. Thanks for sharing your crystals. I love them too! I would like to know more. Much of the information on the internet about them is very generic, and I'm interested in what they mean to individual people.
    I also liked the aesthetics of the post, with the hand-written labels on the photos.

    1. Thanks, this is a really helpful comment! I think I might try to incorporate the handwritten labels more often, and I'll definitely do a follow up crystal post with some more info at some point soon :)

  3. You have such an amazing crystal collection! Oh my gosh, wow! There's so many new crystals that I want to add to own collection now after reading your post. I love the Aragonite (such an awesome name too), it looks like a chunk of desert rock :) Your piece of pyrite with all of the other rocks and minerals running through it is really cool. The Silicone Carbide looks impressive too with all of those gorgeous colours!

    My own collection is only small- I have some pieces of amerthyst, rose quartz, a very small piece of pyrite, a polished and rounded piece of black agate and quite a few peacock ores because they were my absolute favourite crystals as a teenager. I also have lots of random polished stones that I bought at shell shops on trips to the seaside and on market stalls throughout my teens. I'd love to add more to my collection!

    Thankyou for sharing what the Ancient Greeks believed about the Clear Quartz, how lovely! I also love your description for the Labradorite :) Such a great post x

    Sarah | Raiin Monkey