Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Sculpture Festival at Bristol Botanic Garden

Over the Easter bank holiday weekend I visited Bristol Botanic Garden, for their Easter Sculpture Festival and Quilting Exhibition. I had been to the Botanic Garden many times before, but never for this particular event, so I was intrigued.

The gardens themselves are absolutely gorgeous, with different areas ranging from medicinal plants and rare native species, to plant evolution. As well as the aesthetic beauty of the gardens, there is also lots of information given about the science of plants, which is fascinating.

For the sculpture event, different artists work was dotted throughout the gardens. Ethereal female busts by Christine Baxter rose from the foliage,

clean lined ceramic vessels by Adrian Bates were nestled among the magnolias,

Adele Christensen's wonderful glass "rockpools" topped the rockery, and stone carvings by Jitka Palmer surrounded one of the ponds.

In the Evolution area, the tree ferns and horsetails were perfectly matched with the surreal, crustacean-like sculptures of Philippa Macarthur.

The lawns were dotted with colourful ceramic toadstools by Tez Roberts Ceramics,

and the metalwork of Willa Ashworth, which looked like the kind of thing elves would have in their gardens.

In the greenhouses, the nature inspired forms of Jeremy Baines ceramics were echoed and complimented by the succulents and tropical plants. Whoever laid out the artworks had obviously put a lot of thought into their placement, and the result was wonderfully harmonious.

As well as the sculptures, there was a display of stunning handmade quilts, made by Lynne Quinn and her students. Lynne teaches a quilting class at the Garden, and many of the quilts incorporated botanical themes.

My favourite was "True Nature" by Jane Bjoroy, as I loved the colours and fabrics used, and the natural theme. It even had mountain goats on it! I also really liked "Derelict" by Catherine Groves, with its striking use of lines.

I really enjoyed the mixture of art, crafts and plants at this event, it was so perfectly aligned with my interests, and so well put together. I will definitely be making repeat visits to the gardens and am looking forward to their Bee and Pollination Festival in September.

You can find out more about Bristol Botanic Garden on their website: http://www.bristol.a

Disclosure: I received free entry to Bristol Botanic Garden Easter Sculpture Festival and Quilting Exhibition in return for review, but all views expressed are my own.


  1. Oh I absolutely love this post Polly! The various sculptures look so good against the backdrop of the gardens, and I those those glass rock pools are my favourites, they look so magical! I love the different foliage and colours in the garden too. I could easily spend hours in a garden like that. Beautiful photos! - Tasha

  2. Omgosh, all the artwork is amazing :) I really like the work by Philippa Macarthur, it has such a unique design! Those colourful toadstools are really pretty; I'd love some for my garden! The quilt by Jane Bjoroy is just so beautiful! All the intricate design is amazing. I especially love the Moose standing in the river <3 It sounds like you had a fantastic day! x

    Sarah | Raiin Monkey