Friday, April 21, 2017

Playlist: Moving On to Better Things

I wasn't really sure how to phrase this post. Suffice to say, there's been a lot of crappy stuff happening in the last half decade or so of my life, and it has weighed heavy on me. I finally feel like my life is moving on from that. I really want to leave it all well and truly behind me and emerge shiny, happy and FABULOUS from the ashes!

 I could write a long, depressing piece on all I've been through, but I decided a much more positive way to channel it all was by making a "Moving On" playlist, with some of the songs that have got me through the hard times. As this is a bit more of a personal playlist, it has everything from Rihanna to prog metal, and I should warn you that there are some swears.


  1. Life can certainly throw some poop at us! I'm glad you feel it's being left behind! On to better things!