Sunday, March 19, 2017

Serene Snowdrops

I am endlessly delighted and fascinated by snowdrops. Every year when the first shoots start appearing, I enter a full on snowdrop obsession and have to seek out as many as I can for their short flowering season. 

Maybe it's because they are the first flower of the year, appearing when the skies are still grey and the ground still frosted.

Maybe it's because it is somehow bewitching to see something so incredibly white and clean looking, especially in nature. They seem very serene and calm, almost unearthly.

Whatever the reason is, there is something truly magical and enchanting about them, and they make me very happy.

This year seems to have been a particularly good year for them, and I have seen so many on my walks. They look so beautiful, nodding slightly in the breeze. Their flowering season is almost over, but I hope to catch a few more before the last of them disappear until next year.

Is there a flower or plant that you feel particularly connected to or excited by?

You can see some more snowdrop pictures on my Instagram


  1. I'm sad because my snowdrops didn't come through this year and I never saw any on my travels either and I absolutely love snowdrops!

  2. Snowdrops are always the welcome break from the drabbness of winter. Their appearance promise that spring is on it's way even though the weather says different. I'm always always on the hunt for them. Lovely photos.
    Kate xx

  3. Beautiful!! I completely agree with them being so magical. Love them.


  4. Oh these are some gorgeous shots Polly and I love the new look of your blog too! I love snowdrops, as soon as I see them appearing I know spring is on it's way. - Tasha

  5. Oh, how lovely! I've got to get out and about more, I haven't been in the woods for far too long!
    I have a deep-rooted (haha) love for wild roses, I love roses in general, but rosa canina is my favourite. Maybe because I had a mug with a botanical drawing and the Latin name on it as a child, maybe because they bloom in such abundance in the Shire each year. I plan to get some into our back yard, too!