Friday, January 20, 2017

OOTD | Fairy Tale Forest

This is the outfit I put together for visiting Strange Worlds. It seemed appropriate to dress for the occasion, wearing something with a hint of dark fairy tale. 

I started with the skirt, which I thrifted recently and which I love. The swirling pattern reminds me of tangled branches, and I love the purple and blue palette. The pattern is also a raised, devore style velvet, which makes it even more special. 

Under that went my trusty tulle skirt, which has made a previous appearance on this blog, and a simple long sleeved stretchy dress, in a matching shade of purple. Over the top, a grey waterfall cardigan.

Another recent thrift find was this amazing key belt. I love how whimsical it is. I have no idea why every key has a letter Q on it though!

I wore my mirror necklace, which I made many years ago. It's such a statement piece that I haven't worn it much in the past, but I think it should really make its way into my outfits more often.

On my feet went some cute boots, in a lovely dark brown shade that goes with pretty much everything, with charming little flower and leaf details on the sides. I really liked this outfit, and it had the bonus of being really warm from all the layers!

I also made a little OOTD video.

Everything is thrifted, except the necklace which was made by me.


  1. When I saw the video you posted of this the other day I loved it instantly, and these photos are gorgeous! I really love the keys as a belt around your waist and I didn't notice the lovely pattern on the skirt before, so pretty and you look lovely in it! - Tasha

  2. I love the whole outfit, it has such a "Woman of the Well" vibe about it! Of course I'm especially a fan of the belt - would you mind terribly much if I tried to DIY something similar? It's such a great find! And of course the shoes are amazing, too.