Monday, January 23, 2017

How I Made My Thrifty & Creative Planner Set Up

I really want to be more organised this year, so I set out to re-vamp my planner in a way that would encourage me to use it. I ended up being really pleased with my planner layout and the way I decorated it, especially as it ended up being very low cost! 

This is my planner binder, which I thrifted, but it's originally from Paperchase.  Originally it just had the colourful lacy design, but I added some pearl cabochons, rhinestones, and the mushroom stickers, to make it a little more "me".

The inside front and back covers are also decorated with stickers and washi tape.

I really like the collage effect of all the stickers.

For the planner inserts, I did consider just popping to Paperchase and buying a set of inserts. But I already had loads of unused pages left over from my planner last year, and I couldn't find a combination of pages that didn't include the ones I already had. Plus, I wanted to save money. So I decided to just use things I already had lying around. For the diary pages, I used an old perpetual diary that I got second hand. It had a couple of pages missing and some scribbles, and I'd had it for a year already without using it, so I didn't feel too bad chopping it up. I pulled out all the pages, and then used an old page from my planner as a template to draw around. I cut out all the diary pages and some of the full page illustrations, just to add a bit of colour and interest. I ended up with some lovely, nature themed planner pages for no cost other than my time.

For the dividers I cut up a thrifted copy of the Country Diary Of An Edwardian Lady, which I had two copies of. It was perfect for making the diary dividers as it had pages with different seasonal scenes, and each month written out in beautiful hand drawn font.

I used old dividers as templates and then cut out the pieces from the pages. For each divider I used two pages, glued together. This made nice sturdy dividers which aren't too thick. I also used some of the illustration pages to make the section dividers, in the same way.

Originally I was going to leave the section dividers just as the illustrations, but I felt like I needed more of a link between the earthy colours and nature scenes of the diary pages and dividers, and the very colourful, whimsical binder. So I added lots of stickers, washi tape and decoupage motifs to each divider. I really love how they turned out! 

Then I just had to put the dividers and pages into the binder. The first section is the diary.

The next section is addresses. I used the address section from a Paperchase planner insert, which I had left over from last year. 

The next section is expenses, using an old Filofax insert I thrifted last year and had lying around.

The next section is notes, which is another Paperchase insert left from last year.

Then there's a To-do section, which is another thrifted Filofax insert.

At the back is a ruler, which came with the thrifted Filofax inserts, and some plain paper from the old Paperchase inserts for doodles and designs.

So that's my planner for this year. I didn't spend any money on it, and only used things I already had, making it very low budget and sustainable. I am really happy with how colourful and pretty it is, and I think not just buying things for it definitely made me get more creative with it. Now let's just hope it helps my organisation improve!


  1. Your planner is so lovely! I love that you customised it completely to suit your personality. Thank you for showing it.

  2. I want the mushroom and shell stickers! I have the country diary too and now I'm tempted to cut it up haha!

  3. Oh this is gorgeous! I have the July page from The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady as it's my birth month - I got it from Etsy, so seeing the other pages and how you used them here is lovely - it's such a pretty book! Loved the way you re-purposed the pages too, and all of the mushrooms are so cute. This was just the kind of thing I needed to read today, lovely and creative. - Tasha