Friday, December 30, 2016

Yuletide Decorating

I almost didn't decorate at all this year. We moved a little over a week before Yule, I was ill for a week, and the place was full of boxes and mess. I clearly wasn't going to have the Yuletide I had dreamed of, and I thought I would probably just skip the festive season altogether this year, But then I found the decorations while unpacking, and I had brought my little pine tree from the old place, and the urge to decorate suddenly emerged.

I used the top of a chest of drawers to make a little Yuletide scene, with my Alpine house boxes (thrifted), some bottle brush trees (which I think were from Gisela Graham, and the white ones were thrifted), my giant Paperchase toadstool, star lights and a snowball light from Waitrose, my prized antlers, and a little pine tree in a pot. which as somehow managed to survive several winters despite my neglect.

Onto the tree went some thrifted silver baubles, handmade needle felted toadstools, and a new addition for this year, some thrifted straw Yule goats. Yule goats are a traditional Scandinavian and Norther European Yule decoration with pagan origins, and I love them because of this, but also because I love goats a ridiculous amount. 

An excuse to have goats on my tree was very welcome. Also, if you want to laugh hysterically until people ask what you are laughing at, read the table at the bottom of this Wikipedia article about the giant Yule goats at Gavle in Sweden.

Of course there was also a Yule log, in the form of this beautiful wooden candle holder. With battery operated tealights for now, because having candles about when there are still so many cardboard boxes and so much moving around of stuff seemed a little dangerous.

I also made a sort of hanging wreath thing which was suspended from one of the ceiling lights. It was very pretty, but we did keep catching our hair in it when we walked past or underneath.

It had some of my favourite decorations which are too big for my tiny tree- the glass toadstools I bought in Flying Tiger last year, and the stunning 3D metal ornaments from Pluto Produkter.

One of them even had his debut after waiting patiently since last year.

I'm glad I decorated a bit, even though it wasn't my "ideal" way of decorating. It still brought a little more joy into my life, and anything which does that is a good thing. I think it is time to take the decorations down now though, clear the surfaces and make way for the new year.


  1. That poor giant goat! Destroying it seems to be as much of a 'tradition' as building it!
    The hanging wreath is beautiful.