Wednesday, December 07, 2016

My Fairytale Themed Cube Shelf Display

Currently all my belongings are packed up ready for my impending move, but I thought it would be good to look back at how some of them looked pre-move. I haven't shared a lot of my current dwelling, largely because it's never really worked out how I wanted, and parts of it are extremely un-photogenic. But my cube shelving was one space that I really liked.

I bought the cube shelves specifically to house some of my favourite decorative items, which I wanted to arrange with different themes per cube. Probably my favourite section was the fairytale/witchy section, which had my cauldron, glass bottles, a lunar globe, a vintage thread box, and lots of crystals, among other things. The lunar globe and cauldron were arranged on some boxes which looked like old books.

The next section was mermaid themed, of course.

This section held my vintage seashell tea set, lots of shells, many of which were kindly given to me by Laura, and a vintage lighthouse shaped lamp which sadly isn't working at the moment.

The next shelf was a mishmash of things related to my different interests.

This section held a toy sewing machine, My Blackbird Fly twin lens reflex camera (which makes a gorgeous ornament when it's not in use), a hot air balloon shaped novelty tin, a teacup full of crystals, and the beautiful Forest Mermaid embroidery sent to me by Kathryn.

The last cube held a little Alpine village, overlooked by my deer embroidery. These houses are actually jewellery boxes, and I wrote about them in more detail here. I think my obsession with them probably comes from reading Heidi repeatedly as a child, and reading a lot of Germanic folklore as an adult. I'd quite like my own wooden house in human size!

I don't think these shelves will be used for the same purpose in my new place, and I don't think I'll be arranging my ornaments the same way, but I will be sure to share how they end up once I'm settled!

If you want to see a bit more of these shelves, and get more details on where the things on them came from, I did a little video tour.


  1. I just saw your video on this on your YouTube channel and left you a comment there but I LOVE that little Alpine village, it is adorable, and as it's Christmas now I love anything that has that cosy, Christmas village feel to it, so I love it. Your embroidery piece for The Forest Mermaid is gorgeous too, so pretty and of course, your gems - you can never have too many! - Tasha

  2. I love these collections so much! I like collecting crystals and little objects, hopefully one day I'll have something like that!