Monday, November 21, 2016

Mushroom Hunting

I didn't have to venture far into the woods to find the first fungi.

Next to the path, there was a fairy city of layered mushroom caps.

Once I had attuned my "mushroom radar" as my partner calls it, I spotted fungi everywhere.

I scanned the ground as I walked, looking for patches of colour or texture.

I crawled into bushes, over brambles, and crouched down low to get a good look at all the tiny, hidden beauties springing from the soil and the tree trunks.

I'm not sure where my interest in fungi came from, but I love how it makes me stop and look. How it makes the sight of a flash of purple through the fallen leaves into a cause of great excitement and joy. How they bring back a sense of childlike wonder.

I think they show that there is always beauty to be found in nature, even among damp and decay.


  1. Yay! Going mushroom spotting is my favourite thing to do in the autumn months, it's just great fun to go out exploring and see all of the different varieties, and you spotted some amazing ones here - I love the first shot of that one mushroom just proudly standing there. Beautiful photos, I also love what you're wearing here too. - Tasha

  2. Thank you for sharing your forest walk - so simple and yet so magical!