Saturday, November 26, 2016


In October I travelled to Cirencester, a town in the Cotswolds. As a very small child I lived near Cirencester, and I visited the town a lot through my childhood and adolescence. So going back was quite a strange experience, especially is it is one of those places which never really changes. There is always the same blend of Cotswold stone, market square, and looming church, whichever businesses come and go from the shopfronts.

The main reason for my visit was the Jackie Morris exhibition at New Brewery Arts. It was a wonderful exhibition, filled with colour and magic. I felt a tremendous sense of peace and contentment looking at her beautiful watercolours.

I also ate a delicious lunch at New Brewery Arts, a halloumi wrap with a big serving of salad. Then I explored some of their makers workshops.

I saw glass blowing in progress at LOCO Glass, which was amazing, and was captivated by the stunning stained glass of Daniella Wilson-Dunne.

Outside, there were hares. The mosaic hare which I remember walking across as a tiny child...

and the beautiful lady hare hybrids of Sophie Ryder.

I wandered around the town for a while after that, roaming into more residential areas with picturesque rows of former alms houses and a tranquil graveyard, through which a black and white cat strolled.

There were details to notice everywhere.

 I found another hare as I wandered. They seemed to be a theme of the day-appropriate as they appear so frequently in Jackie Morris' work.

 This hare was a particularly magical one. A moon hare.

Close to the hare, what seemed to be a castle rose up from a residential street of chocolate box cottages. It was a barracks, now used as an event space.

At the end of the day, I found a place that has crept into my dreams many times. It was bizarre to find this half remembered spot, a simple place that has been turned into something surreal and otherworldly by my subconscious.

Then it was time to board the bus back to the tiny station, and then onto the first of my trains home. Carrying a vintage terrarium in a bin bag, because I couldn't bear to leave it behind in the charity shop I spotted it in.

It was a long journey to get to Cirencester, but I'm glad I went. Seeing the work of Jackie Morris in the paint has been a dream of mine since I first discovered her art, and wandering the town laid a few ghosts to rest. It is like something is completed now, and there is no need to go back. On to the next phase of life.


  1. Cirencester looks lovely. I drove through it last year, but I think I will need to stop next time I am in the area. I love how you've noticed the little details of the town. That lunch looks absolutely yummy. The salad has so much more interesting than the lettuce mix you sometimes get.
    Kate xx

    1. Yes it's definitely worth stopping, there are some really lovely places to eat and shop and lots of pretty architecture. The lunch was so good and the staff were so lovely! If you do visit then I really recommend the food at New Brewery Arts. xx

  2. I saw glass blowing as a child! It is a magical process! I love the hares especially the magical moon hare!

    1. It is so magical and the woman doing it was so laid back about swinging around a load of molten glass! She was awesome. The moon hare is my favourite too :)