Saturday, October 15, 2016

Volks Electric Railway

I had wanted to go on Volk's Electric Railway for a long time, and as I visited Brighton in peak season this year, it was running and I got my wish! Volk's is the oldest operating electric railway in the world, having opened in 1883 and kept up a service until the present day. 

The current cars date from 1901-1910, so it really is a piece of living history.

Brighton has obviously changed quite considerably since the opening of the electric railway, and the route which I imagine was once flanked by bustling businesses and groups of holiday makers is now overlooked by empty, ghostly buildings and almost deserted beach.

I actually really like seeing these unpolished, less tourist friendly parts of holiday destinations and find them quite fascinating, so I was craning my neck around to see things the whole time I was on the train!

I really liked the cute little railway cars, travelling in them was very atmospheric.

We got off the train at a tiny, Art Deco looking station near Brighton Marina.

The beach at this end of the route was completely empty, which was refreshing after the crowds and constant noise of the city centre in peak season. I decided against visiting the Marina and instead wandered around on the beach and the surrounding area for a while, before getting back on the train and heading back to civilisation. As a final odd happening, a man on a bike, with a boombox blaring music, kept pace with the train on the path next to the tracks for about a third of the return journey!

The trip on Volk's Electric Railway was a little eccentric, a little eerie, and at times a little bizarre, but it actually ended up being one of the most memorable and fun moments of my Brighton visit. The train itself is a wonderful piece of history, and travelling on it is unlike anything else I've ever done.

You can find out more about Volk's Electric Railway on their website-


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