Sunday, October 16, 2016

City Farm

Back in the summer I visited the city farm to see the baby goats, but also had a good look around the rest of the farm as well. I was quite enamored by the sweet black and white calves. They have incredibly long eyelashes!

It had been a long time since I had visited the farm in summer, and I was amazed by the profusion of colourful flowers, fruits and vegetables. I especially liked all the vibrant chard.

These sheep were a gorgeous chocolate brown, and notice how they have tails! It is so unusual to see sheep with tails these days, usually they are docked. It made me happy to see these sheep being left in their natural state.

I find the shape of courgette flowers really interesting. Apparently they are also edible, although I have ever tried them. They seem like the perfect dish to serve at a fairy dinner party.

There were some inquisitive piglets in one of the sties. 

In the greenhouses, row upon row of tomatoes were reaching their leaves towards the sky, along with lettuces, courgettes and other fruits and vegetables. I love the smell of greenhouses.

The chickens all came running over and clucking, thinking they were going to be fed. 

Plump raspberries hung from the canes, beautiful and tempting.

The pygmy goats were lolling lazily about, but roused themselves for a head scritch.

And in the allotments, a huge patch of glorious evening primrose waved gently in the breeze. I am so glad I have this place to visit.


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