Thursday, October 20, 2016

Bristol Doors Open Day

Bristol Doors Open Day is a free event which runs once a year, during September. Lots of hidden spaces, as well as well known attractions like the museums, open up their doors to the public for the day, allowing a glimpse of some of the most intriguing places in the city. We were a bit late getting going on the morning of the Open Day so only managed to do a couple of things, but it was still a really great experience. 

The place I most wanted to go was the spooky but fascinating Redcliffe Caves, so we headed there first of all and spent some time exploring the labyrinth of hollowed out sandstone. I'll share more on this mini adventure in a future post.

Next we wandered along to John Sebastian Quay to board Light Vessel 55, a wooden light ship. Light ships were used in the same way as light houses, to warn other vessels of hazards.

Light vessel 55 was surprisingly large, and now has a full bar on board! Several people were enjoying a pint on the deck.

Walking from John Sebastian Quay towards town, I spotted this Inkie piece on the side of the Thekla. Apparently it has been there for two years and I have managed to miss it all that time...despite having been on Thekla, walking around this area fairly regularly, and really liking Inkie's work...oh dear.

We also walked past these murals, which I have always loved. I think they'd be a perfect backdrop for steampunk outfit photos!

Our next and final Open Day destination was the vintage buses, which were stationed in Millennium Square.

Not only did we get to look at these lovely vehicles, but we got to ride on one for free!

The inside of the bus hadn't been altered and was just as it would have been when these buses were still in regular service.

There were some remnants of a by gone era, like the cigarette stubber. I can't imagine being on a bus full of people smoking would have been very pleasant!

We traveled up the hill to Clifton. It was a bit of judder-y journey but so much fun! After that it was time for another little adventure, which I will save for another day...


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