Saturday, October 08, 2016

Baby Goats

Back in the summer I went to one of my local city farms to see their baby goats (kids). I get very excited about baby goats, I think they are adorable and very amusing.

I believe the kids were Nubian/Boer crosses, and there were two litters. They all played and slept together, but you could tell which litter they belonged to from which female goat they went to feed from.

Most of the kids were very sleepy as it was a hot day when we visited, but one of them was very playful and kept running and jumping about!

The rest of them were curled up and sleeping in their feed buckets. They seemed to really like getting into those!

They all had really cute long floppy ears, and sweet little faces.

The playful baby goat got tired eventually and decided to go and curl up next to its mother. Although before it laid down, it climbed all over her! Goat parenting must require a lot of patience.

It was really lovely visiting these baby goats, they are always so entertaining to watch and so good natured. I would love to own some goats myself one day, but until then it's great to have the opportunity to see them at the city farm. Hopefully I'll be able to visit again soon and see how they've grown!


  1. Goats really are some of the cutest animals ever!

  2. Awww, they really are just so cute and always full of energy. I love goats and the kids are always so friendly and excitable. Lovely photos Polly! - Tasha