Thursday, October 06, 2016

#ADeerADay | Days 21-30

I finished #ADeerADay on the 30th of September, but needed a little break before posting the final roundup! But here it is, the final ten images I produced for the challenge. 
Day 21 was a sketch of a an Indian muntjac deer, done using my Pentel Pocket Brush pen. They have really interesting faces.

Day 22 was another sketch, this time a pencil study of chital (axis deer) faces.

Day 23 was another chital, this time a watercolour of a chital fawn. I really like how this came out, it looks so precious!

I was still playing around with the idea of a crystal deer so on Day 24 I attempted to paint a watercolour crystal deer. I'm not really sure the crystal effect I wanted came out, but it was still good practice and it was fun painting with so many colours.

On day 25 I did another watercolour, of a reindeer. Reindeer are quite differently shaped to most of the deer I'd been working on, so this was a bit of a challenge, but I enjoyed doing it. I will definitely be revisiting reindeer when we get closer to winter!

On day 26 I painted a winged deer, known as a peryton, using acrylics on a canvas board. 

On day 27 I painted a piebald (part albino) deer using acrylic on canvas. I feel that this and the winged deer came out more cutesy and kitschy than my usual style, but I just went with it.

On day 28 I did a watercolour of a sunrise inspired deer. 

On day 29 I painted a celestial deer with a crescent moon on its forehead. This was inspired by chitals, because I think they look like they have crescent moons on their heads. I used acrylic on a canvas board.

And finally, on day 30 I painted a white doe, surrounded by will o the wisps. I only used three colours of paint for this and I think the limited colour palette was really effective. I used acrylic on a canvas board.

So that was it! I succeeded and completed my challenge, and now have 30 pieces of deer art work. I am really proud of myself and I feel that this was a really positive experience for me. I've really worked on my art skills, and also realised what I still need to practice. Even though the challenge was hard sometimes, and there were days when I really struggled, most days I actually really enjoyed making the time for art and focusing on doing a drawing or painting. I've learned that I can create consistently, and have more self discipline than I realised. I've been considering working towards becoming self employed, so this was a really great thing to learn about myself, as consistency and self discipline are so important for self employment! I now need to decide what I'm going to do with all those deer pictures...


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