Saturday, September 17, 2016

OOTD: Plum Tulle and Fairy Shoes

I'm trying to get back into dressing up even when I'm not going anywhere, just for fun. I feel that for most of the Summer I dressed very un-creatively, partly because of the sweltering, sticky heat and partly because I left a large chunk of self confidence somewhere this Summer and I'm having trouble finding it again. But dressing up is actually really important to me, as a means of self expression and as a creative outlet. as well as a bit of an ego boost, so I'm determined to get back into it.

I've had this glorious deep plum coloured tulle skirt/petticoat for a while now, and was waiting to wear it until I had a long, opaque petticoat to pair it with. Then one day I tried it on with a similar coloured camisole slip underneath, and realised that actually, that looked fine. It's a little daring but I'm not showing any more skin than I would be in shorts, and I really like the peekaboo effect.

I wore a soft, ruffled oatmeal coloured cardigan over the top of the slip, and cinched it in with a wide brown belt. I really like the double straps on this belt, combined with the curved shape I think it looks very fairy tale style, which I like.

When I was looking back through these photos, the colours of the outfit really reminded me of plum crumble.

I wore one of my favourite ever thrifted necklaces, which I believe is amethyst. Wonderfully sparkly and a beautiful colour. It's a lot chunkier than the jewellery I normally wear, but I think the fact it's a bit tarnished stops it from being too in your face.

And to finish everything off, the fairy shoes of my dreams. They are a shimmery creamy coloured boucle fabric, with iridescent rhinestones and pointed toes. Absolutely dreamy.

Everything is thrifted, apart from the slip which is (old) Primark from before I stopped shopping there.


  1. Oh this is such a gorgeous outfit on you Polly, you look lovely! The peekaboo effect on the skirt is really cool, and the cardigan goes so well with the deep plum colour and that belt! I love your wardrobe, and I'm glad you've decided to step back into these types of outfits. I feel the same as yourself at the moment as I'm in a real rut with clothing so this is inspirational! - Tasha

  2. You look divine! and very very fae-like.
    I know what you mean about dressing up, I spend so much time in pj's, it's pretty boring.
    erin | words and pictures

  3. This is a fantastic outfit - it is really you!

    You did so well to buy the items from charity shops


  4. That skirt is gorgeous and I love the plum colour on you! I'm all for dressing up and I try to get into that myself more again.
    I hope you can find your confidence chunk again - have you checked the vegetable drawer of the fridge? I tend to find the strangest things there. :)

  5. That skirt is to die for! And I need more ruffled cardigans for sure!