Thursday, September 29, 2016

#CreativeKickstart August

#CreativeKickstart is a hashtag to share what we've been making and being inspired by each month, created by my merfriend Cuttlefishlove. I kept up with it for a few months last year but then lost track. This year I want to post a photo for each month. I think it will be really interesting to look back at the end of the year and see my creative journey!

In the photo for August I have included:

Sparkly things: I made several very sparkly things in August, including a bejewelled antler headdress, an elf ear cuff with sparkly beads, and a necklace of sparkly faceted beads. Sometimes I am a bit scared to add sparkle in case it looks tacky, but I really want to let my love of sparkles and iridescence run riot now!

Crochet and knitting: As the summer was drawing to a close I started to think about warm knitted and crocheted items. The crochet hexagon obsession has continued, and I made lots more of them during August. I also started on a new knitting project, a hat.

Polymer clay: August was the first time in about a year that I managed to make things from polymer clay and bake them without them burning or melting in my very temperamental oven! I'd been feeling quite frustrated with polymer clay after so many baking disasters, but having some success re-ignited my love of it.


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