Tuesday, September 27, 2016

#Creative365 | Days 15-28

I'm just going to get straight into this without a preamble! On day 15 I continued knitting strips of garter stitch to make slippers, using a chunky purple yarn. 

On days 16 and 17 I started working on some needle felted mushroom caps.

Which I may have then put into a cupboard and forgotten about until now...ahem.

On day 18 I managed to finish one of the strips of garter stitch for the slippers! Casting off is so gratifying.

On days 19 and 20 I worked on the seemingly never ending knitted bluebell cape project.

I could see some clear progress though, so that was good.

On day 21 I started wrapping the antler headband I'd started with ribbon, to cover all the plastic.

On days 22 and 23 I started on a big project, re-painting a castle shaped shelf I had got second hand.

I got very into it and spent hours painting, long into the night!

On day 24 I was back to the bluebell knitting.

On day 25 I worked on the castle shelf some more...

and on day 26 I finished it! I was really happy with how it turned out. You can see more pictures of the finished shelf here.

On day 27 I painted the nubbly bits on the antlers so they matched everything else, and that was the headband finished!

On day 28 I was back to the never ending bluebells. I will have this finished in time for spring. I WILL.

I hope you enjoyed having peek at some of my works in progress! I'll be updating with more #Creative365 progress soon.


  1. Wow! You do such a great range of creative things!