Thursday, September 29, 2016

#ADeerADay | Days 11-20

As the end of #ADeerADay draws near, I thought I'd better hurry up and share the next installment! On day 11 I painted a white stag, using acrylic on canvas. This is the biggest piece I've done in the whole challenge, on a 16 x 20" canvas, so just managing to cover the canvas in paint was quite an achievement! 

On day 12 I did a couple of quick pencil sketches.

I particularly like the sleeping deer. I realised from doing this that I am really familiar with the shape of sleeping fawns now, so need to practice drawing and painting deer in other positions that I'm not so comfortable with.

So on day 13 I did a watercolour of a fawn in a slightly more challenging position. I also experimented with using salt on the wet watercolour to create the blotchy effect. I think it gives a good suggestion of fur. I think this painting turned out looking very Bambi-like!

After several days of more realistic deer and trying to focus on shapes and techniques, the weird fantasy element to my art escaped again! I painted a red and white toadstool inspired deer, using acrylic on canvas board. Honestly I'm not really sure how successful I consider this, but I got to a point where trying to work on it any more was just making me grumpy. I may come back to it in future when I've worked out what's bothering me about it. I'm glad I tried the idea anyway though! I really need to practice working with red tones, so that's something I'll be trying to work on after this challenge is over.

On day 15 I worked on one of my favourite piece from the whole challenge, a moon deer! I used acrylic on a square chunky canvas, which is my favourite thing to paint on at the moment. It was really lovely painting this because I could see the moon through the window as I was working on it and it all felt very magical. I really like this image and I'm thinking of using it for some other, more wearable things as well...

On day 16 I did an ink painting of a young buck, using Brian Clegg black ink and Winsor and Newton white ink. It's really interesting how much stags change as they mature.  The bucks look so delicate in comparison to the older stags.

On day 17 I did a very tiny ink painting of a melanistic fawn with stars instead of spots. I bought a very small ornate black picture frame recently so painted this to go inside it.

On day 18 I painted a forest guardian stag, with branch-like antlers and moss and fungi growing on his back. I painted this with gouache, which I hadn't used before. I liked having the ease of use of watercolour but being able to get a more opaque effect.

On day 19 I painted what was meant to be a sort of peacock ore/crystal deer. It doesn't photograph well because it is very shiny, as I added a layer of iridescent medium over the top. It's not what I originally intended but I still think it's quite pretty.

On day 20 I painted a sleeping stag under a mushroom. This one still needs more work, but I'm really pleased with how the stag turned out! Doing this challenge is making me realise that I really like doing the fantasy style pictures like this one and the moon deer the best, so that's something I'll be bearing in mind.

If you want to see more of my #ADeerADay challenge you can see some speedpainting videos on my Youtube channel or follow me on Instagram.


  1. Beautiful! I love the forest guardian and toadstool ones best but they are all wonderful! The fawns in different poses would be hard but you did it so well!