Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Forest of Imagination

Back in June I went to a really lovely creative event in Bath, called Forest of Imagination. The Abbey Courtyard had been filled with gigantic inflatable silver trees, which made an interesting contrast with the golden stone and ornate carving of the front of the Abbey.

To the side of the Abbey, the square had been turned into a magical forest.

There were different trees made from craft materials by local schools and groups, all very unique and interesting.

Everything was wonderfully colourful, and the banks of lavender plants around each tree set everything off perfectly. There was a very happy atmosphere.

Continuing the colourful theme, jewel toned animals hung from the huge tree in Abbey Green.

Some had coloured cellophane details, which gave a beautiful stained glass effect.

Inside the Abbey, a swarm of rainbow butterflies soared towards the vaulted roof.

The incredible Gothic interior made a fantastic backdrop.

Forest of Imagination was exactly the kind of community arts event I love to see happening, and I really enjoyed visiting it, especially the outdoor forest. You can keep an eye on their website for details of future events-http://www.forestofimagination.org.uk/