Sunday, August 21, 2016

A Day In London

Back in the spring I spent a day in London with Laura. I hadn't been to London for around five years and was a little bit nervous, so having Laura as company was excellent. We packed a lot into one day!

We started the day by visiting Kioskafe, an interesting magazine shop and cafe, then wandering through the gorgeous Kensington Gardens with our drinks. I'll probably share more on Kensington Gardens another time, because I took A LOT of photos! 

Laura pointed out the slightly bizarre, but fabulously ornate Albert Memorial as we were leaving Kensington Gardens. I have rarely seen so much shiny gold paint in one place.

Then we headed to the National Geographic Society for an exhibition of photos of Britain from the air. The exhibition was outside in the gardens, which was lovely on such a perfectly sunny day!

We walked past the Natural History Museum and I couldn't resist popping in for a quick look, although it was very busy. I was fascinated by the escalator in the background of this photo!

The NHM is so beautiful, I hope I can go back soon for a longer excursion. Preferably when it's a bit quieter.

Our detour worked out well in the end, because Laura suggested we visit the Sensational Butterflies exhibit-a pop up butterfly house in the gardens of the NHM. It was a brilliant suggestion, because walking through the butterfly house was one of the most magical, joyful experiences I've ever had. I even had a butterfly land on my shoulder.

Next up was a look around the V&A. I used to spend a lot of time here, but we still managed to find some parts I had never been into before. It's such an incredible place, full of treasures.

After getting somewhat overexcited about Gothic Revival cabinets and Arts and Crafts interiors, it was time to cool off with the obligatory paddle in the V&A gardens.

And then we were off on the next stage of our little adventure...


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