Saturday, July 16, 2016


Back in June I made a quick visit to the amazing Briswool exhibit at Mshed. Briswool is a miniature, knitted and crocheted model of Bristol, thought up by Vicky Harrison (who runs the craft shop Paper Village) and made by her and some crafty volunteers.

Seeing a city so familiar to me replicated in wool was a strange experience! 

It was fun spotting all the different landmarks, which were easily recognisable but also took on a new dimension in their wooly forms!

I was surprised and impressed by the level of detail, and some of the wonderful knitted effects. There was even a tiny knitted Banksy on one of the buildings.

I was particularly taken with the patchwork of knitted fields and the multi coloured, rippled water.

My favourite wooly buildings were the incredibly intricate re-creation of St Mary Redcliffe, and the brightly coloured Cabot Tower, constructed from crocheted granny squares.

Bristol is a brilliantly colourful city, so it was perfectly fitting that it was all crowned with a big, beautiful rainbow. This was a little delight of an exhibit, and I'm really glad I got to see it.


  1. Looks amazing - must try to visit it if it is still on

  2. How wonderful! It's funny to see buildings looking all cosy and squishy. I admire the creativity and skill of the people who made them.