Friday, July 01, 2016


Throughout June I took part in The Wildlife Trusts 30 Days Wild challenge. The aim of the challenge is to take a little bit of time every day for a month to engage with wildlife and nature. They don't have to be huge things, as the point is to bring the wild into your everyday. Here is what I got up to each day of the challenge. 

Day 1: Planted bird attracting flower seeds | Day 2: Walked along the river | Day 3 : Saw a squirrel | Day 4: Looked at trees | Day 5: Saw damsel flies

 Day 6: Found clover flowers in garden | Day 7: Saw a moorhen | Day 8: Looked at bugs and bees n the garden | Day 9: Walked by the river at twilight | Day 10: Saw buttercups

Day 11: Saw a sweet chestnut tree in bloom | Day 12: Saw a swan with cygnets | Day 13: Found a fairy ring | Day 14: Looked at the clouds | Day 15: Identified the fungi from the fairy ring

Day 16: Looked at the raindrops on the clover | Day 17: Watched a sunset | Day 18: Watched and listened to birds in a tree | Day 19: Saw a sparrow | Day 20: Walked by the river

Day 21: Saw a magpie | Day 22: Saw a robin | Day 23: Saw convolvulus in the verge | Day 24: Read about deer | Day 25: Saw a wood pigeon

Day 26: Saw a female blackbird | Day 27: Saw bitter nightshade (I think) on the way to work | Day 28: Read about fungi | Day 29: Saw a moorhen (couldn't get a picture, so this picture in a book will have to do!) | Day 30: Saw mallard ducks

Overall I think the challenge was really good for me and definitely made me get out more. It also made me appreciate my garden, as I saw so many birds and insects in it over the course of the month. Although I probably won't be doing something wild every day from now on, I do want to incorporate some of the things I did over 30 Days Wild into my normal life, such as going for short walks regularly, spending more time in the garden, and identifying animals and plants that I see. This was a generally really positive experience for me and helped brighten up what was otherwise a bit of a rubbish month. If you can take part next year I thoroughly recommend it!
You can find out more on the Wildlife Trusts website-


  1. Fantastic post & such lovely photographs! I really wish I'd taken part in the 30 Days Wild challenge! I'm definitely going to be joining in and documenting it on my blog next year. Wow, you found a fairy ring! That's amazing :) I really like your photo of the damsel fly too! x

  2. Lovely shots here and you did / saw so many cool things throughout the month! I love the shot of the fairy ring in particular, too cool and the photo of the robin is just lovely. I think my favourite is your damsel fly though, they are stunning! - Tasha

  3. That sounds like so much fun! I can't wait until its Summer here so I can do it too. It's wonderful to see what little details you notice when you take the time.