Monday, May 02, 2016

Travelling Down The River Taff By Boat

While we were in Cardiff we decided to take a trip down the River Taff on one of the Aquabus ferry services. Not only was this a great way to see a different side to the city, it also ticked of number 76 from my 101 in 1001 list, go on a boat.

We set off from the little boarding point in Bute Park, having arrived just in time. I was so excited!

The beginning of the journey was very green, with lots of trees and open space on both sides of the river. 

As the boat headed down river, the view started to become more urban, with lots of buildings, both residential and industrial. I was really struck by how beautifully clear and clean the water looked, it was almost turquoise in colour! The waves created by the movement of the boat made me very happy.

Despite the urban landscape on either side of the river, the boat journey was a brilliant way to see wildlife. 

We saw swans, moorhens, coots and cormorants.

After a wonderful journey down the river, we emerged into the incredible Cardiff Bay. The view was magical, grey green water as far as the eye could see.

There were signs of maritime history all around, so it felt most appropriate to be seeing this for the first time from a boat.

Our journey ended at a jetty in front of the gorgeous Pierhead building, which has a very interesting history and captured my heart with all that delicious Victorian red brick and the hints of Gothic Revival.
The boat trip was one of my favourite parts of my Cardiff visit, it was really special and very affordable. I will definitely take more boat trips in future, as it is so much fun and gives a different perspective. I really must be a mermaid as I loved being so close to the water!

If you are interested in travelling on the Aquabus, the details are here-

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  1. We love travelling by boat - we went on several ferries during our recent trip to Scotland and Ireland

  2. Lovely trip down the river here Polly, great shot of the birds resting on the surface of the water here too. I love the hints of the gothic architecture here too, and seeing red brick always looks pretty to me. - Tasha

  3. This sounds like a lovely boat trip :) That's awesome that you got to see Cormorants; I've never seen one in the wild before!

  4. This sounds like such a nice trip! I haven't been on a boat tour before, but it sounds like a great way to see things and visit sites.

    - Courtney

  5. This sounds so lovely. I always want to try going on a boat trip outside my country...