Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Fairy Tale Thrift Haul

Over the last year or so I feel like I've really started to define my style and tastes, and they definitely lean towards fairy tale and fantasy aesthetics and influences. Unfortunately, unless I want to spend a lot of money, this isn't something that's very readily available on the high street! But charity shops and second hand places have yielded some gems, especially in recent months. 

A particular favourite is this amazing vintage biscuit tin, which has been printed and stamped to look like gilded wood set with jewels. I have never seen anything like it before, and I really love it. It looks like something from an Arthurian legend, and would probably fit in perfectly at Cardiff Castle. It is currently home to some of my many pencils and paintbrushes.

I picked up a couple of these beautiful Cristal d'Arques Follies goblets in a charity shop. I've had a set of the tumblers for a while and I adore them, so any time I see matching pieces I grab them! They use very similar glasses on Reign, so it makes me very happy to drink from these.

I've started to appreciate patterned plates recently-having a picture on your plate somehow makes eating much more fun. This little Johnson Brothers plate with a very fairy tale-esque image has become my favourite cheese on toast plate.

After years of wanting some and hoping that I might find some in the woods, I finally managed to get some deer antlers second hand. They are incredibly beautiful and very meaningful for me, as I love deer and associate them wit a lot of positive things.

I am not usually a big My Little Pony fan, but I was having a unicorn phase when I spotted these, they were cheap and cute so they came home with me. The white ones are genuine My Little Pony figures, while the purple one is a fake which I will probably customise at some point. My favourite is the tiny white one, who I believe is called Rarity.

I have a thing for pumpkins, I guess because of the fairy tale associations, and I have ended up with quite a few things which are pumpkin shaped or have pumpkin motifs [I also like eating things with pumpkin in them, especially PUMPKIN CAKE]. The latest addition was this pumpkin shaped tea light holder, which I think is wonderful! 

I got this magical looking chest to put some of my jewellery in. The ornate closure is both pretty and practical, as it as a ring to attach a padlock. 

I can't actually tell what this is supposed to be for-is it a vase? A bottle? But it's iridescent(!!!) and has a picture of a fairy tale castle on it, so of course I had to have it. 

I bought this dragon mug for my boyfriend because I thought it was fabulous, and luckily he thinks it's great too. It has a dragon on each side and is pretty appropriate for our relationship, as we're both dragons in Chinese zodiac and that's been a bit of a running joke for us.

Continuing the dragon theme, I got this very cute and extremely soft tie dye Beanie Baby dragon. 

I already have too many notebooks but this gorgeous tooled leather notebook with handmade paper was just too good to pass up. If all else fails it will be good as a photography prop, because it looks like something straight from a legend, especially with the semi precious stone at the centre.

Finally, I picked up a beautiful botanical print because it had my beloved Amanita Muscaria fungi on it. They always remind me of fairy tales and I just can't get enough things with motifs of them! This print also as a foxglove on it, another plant with fairy tale associations. Just as a side note, both foxgloves and amanita are poisonous to humans, so bear that in mind if you ever see them in real life. They should not be eaten (unlike pumpkin cake).


  1. You have picked up some great and interesting bargains - as you know I am a charity shop addict as well and part of the fun is you never know what you might find!

    1. Thank you! Yes I love the treasure hunt of charity shops.

  2. Nice haul, love the botanical print. I do love old prints like that.

    1. Thanks! So do I, there was actually another one with it I was going to get but then I realised that it had cannabis on it! Thought I might look a bit suspicious buying that and something with hallucinogenic mushrooms on XD

  3. What lovely finds! I especially adore the dragon mug and the tea light holder. I imagine your place must be filled with wonderous items and I love how you collect things that look like they are fairy tale remnants.

    1. Ahh thank you! I might do a sort of mini tour of some of the nicer bits of my flat to show some more of my my fairy tale-ish things.