Monday, April 04, 2016

Beautiful Stationery From Vanilla Papillon

A little while ago I found the gorgeous stationery themed Instagram account of Vanilla Papillon. I'd been admiring the beautiful vintage inspired paper goods for weeks, when I realised that Vanilla Papillon has a shop selling most of the goodies they feature on Instagram! I went ahead and placed an order, and waited with great anticipation for my package to arrive.

The shipping time was fairly quick as the package was coming from Europe and I live in the UK, I think it took a few days. The first thing that struck me when opening the package was the thoughtful and pretty packaging. The address on the envelope was written out beautifully, the envelope itself was decorated with patterned tapes, and inside my purchases were packaged up in a little plastic fronted bag, finished with a paper doily and a thank you sticker. These touches made opening my order so special and exciting.

Some free stickers had been included in the order, which is always a nice touch, but these seemed especially thoughtful. One sticker had a letter P on it, which I assume is because my initial is P. The other stickers were a deer, and tea themed stickers, so really related to my interests. It could just be coincidence, but it seemed like the shop owner had actually checked what I was interested in and what I had ordered when picking these out.

I ordered three packs of vintage collectable cards, which all have nature themes. One has deer and goats, one has flowers and countryside scenes and one is water flowers. I also ordered mushroom washi tape samples, and mushroom stickers. The cards are really beautiful and in very good condition, and would be great for putting into a frame as a piece of wall art, or using as props for flatlays, or scrapbooking, they could even be added to a planner. The washi tape samples were an absolute bargain at only 1 Euro. There are three different designs, with 70cm of each design. I've been using them a lot in my planner, and I really like the designs. It's a great way of trying washi tapes without spending a lot more money on a big roll. The mushroom stickers are made from vintage illustrations, and are absolutely gorgeous. There are six in the pack, and they are all very good quality, with vibrant colours and crisp images.

I was really happy with my Vanilla Papillon order, and would happily order from them again. If you are interested in keeping a planner, scrapbooking, or want something cute to add to your Instagram or blog pictures, I would definitely recommend checking out this shop!

You can visit the shop at

(This is not a sponsored post, I paid for everything I got myself, I was just really happy with my purchases and wanted to share!)


  1. Oh, the cards and the stickers look so great!

  2. What gorgeous stationery! What was the shipping cost like?

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