Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Awakening of Spring

Spring is probably my favourite season, although it is a close tie with the rich colours and abundant fungi of Autumn. I love all the beautiful softly hued Spring flowers, the lush green of the new leafed woodlands, the feeling that the earth is waking up from a long sleep and rejoicing.

Spring for me is a time of hope and promise, a time of stunning light and verdant nature. 

All this new growth, new beginnings, and the returning light made me think about the things I would like to re-awaken, grow and blossom in my own life. 

My dreams

My life hasn't been easy in recent years, and a lot of hopes and dreams had to be put aside or abandoned. The focus has been on surviving and getting things to be just ok, rather than on making my life how I really want it. For a long time I have thought the secret dreams I held were just fantasies, were not realistic and would never become reality. I've recently discovered some real life people who are living my dream life, and this has given me new hope. I am once again allowing myself to dream, and I hope to work on defining these dreams and turning them into realities. 

My creativity

I feel like I'm really starting to come into my own with my creativity, and exploring the creative directions I really love. I want to really practise and hone my craft and my creativity, and start reaching my full potential. I would also like to start chasing the dream of making an income from my creativity!

My friendships
After a long time of not really having friends, I have met some really wonderful people recently. I feel like I have these little seedlings of friendship with these new-found kindred spirits. I hope that with time these will develop and strengthen and grow, and I'm really looking forward to that.

My self assurance and self confidence

I have been on a long journey of moving away from being a people pleaser, discovering who I am, and stopping caring what other people think so much, for many years. Recently I have felt myself drawn to express myself more, focus more on myself, and to stop letting other people influence me. These are all things I want to work on and bring to fruition. 

I feel like with the turn of the season, as the earth awakens, parts of myself are waking up too. It's very exciting, and I can't wait to see what this new season brings.


  1. Beautiful words and beautiful photos Polly! I completely agree this is a wonderful time of year, you can just feel the potential! <3

  2. Lovely post & beautiful photos (especially the one of the crocuses!) I can't wait to get outside with my camera and enjoy the next few months of Spring. It's my favourite season for nature photography! This post was very positive and great to read. I hope you have a wonderful Spring :)