Thursday, February 18, 2016

Thrifted Fabric Haul

Despite my success with thrifting pretty much everything else-clothes, furniture, ornaments, jewellery- I've never had success with thrifting fabrics. That was, until recently, when the thrifting gods smiled on me. Oh boy, did they smile.

So first up is probably the most unusual fabric of the bunch, and that's saying something because they're all rather...eccentric. This fabric has all sorts-pumpkins, squash, fungi, acorns, pine cones, and for some reason holly. I'm not really sure which season this is meant to be for, whether it is for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Yule/Christmas or all of the above. Whatever, I absolutely love it, and there is a lot of it. It's a really soft cotton fabric, probably a quilting fabric. I'm looking forward to making something cute to wear with my pumpkin handbag I thrifted a while back.

I told you these fabrics were eccentric! This is a heavy orange fabric with gold metallic motifs and IRIDESCENT THREADS. It couldn't really get any more obnoxiously fabulous. There is also a lot of it, enough to cover myself head to toe if I so wish. I plan to make a Reign inspired co-ord with this.

In a stroke of what can only be fate, I also found this perfectly coordinating orange rose patterned satin. 

I'm planning a mermaid costume so I'm on the look out for any shiny, shimmery fabrics. This green metallic stretch fabric caught my eye.

This gorgeous paisley cotton is wonderfully soft and drape-y, has a beautiful colour scheme and goes really well with the dawn coloured yarn from my previous haul. I have a feeling they may end up in a future yet-to-be-made outfit together. 

I also thrifted a bunch of things to cut up and use for fabric, one of which was this William Morris print skirt. The skirt is already falling apart so I don't feel bad about deconstructing it. I just love the rich blues! 

This bizarre E.T. pillowcase was just so weird that I felt I had to make something with it, although I have no idea what as yet.

This is a vintage curtain, and I can't get over how gorgeous the print is. The colours are lush and vibrant, an the motifs of flowers, trees and animals are charming. There are even unicorns. It couldn't be more perfect. I want to make a laced bodice from this.

These pillowcases have a beautiful toile de jouy print which I really like. I've wanted to make some toile de jouy clothing ever since seeing Dita Von Teese wearing a blue and white patterned dress.

Finally, this huge, pale blue velvet curtain is destined to become a cape or cloak. It's a wonderfully tactile cotton velvet, with a lot of weight to it, so I think it will be perfect.


  1. Ooh nice haul, loving the vintage unicorn curtain!

  2. Oh, those are all kinds of wonderful! I especially like the unicorn garden and the Morris print, and I envy you for your velvet find!

  3. I love the peachy orange and gold material and would adore a top made of this ! Really hope you extend to taking commissions x


  4. First of all I have to say that I always loved your header, so mermaid-y like <3 haha! Love it. The paisley one is my favorite! You really did have luck with the fabrics!
    Jade xo