Monday, February 08, 2016

Fabric and Craft Supply Haul

Having massively thinned out my fabric and craft supply collection, committed to using my current stash, and refrained from buying any more materials for months, I then fell off the wagon. And not being one to do things by halves, I fell SPECTACULARLY off the wagon. So spectacularly in fact, that I have to split my haul up into several posts. But I just couldn't resist all the delectable goodies!

After years of avoiding the place for the sake of my savings and my storage space, I ventured to Fabric Land. One of my purchases was this incredible purple/blue shimmer fabric, which is also stretchy. It changes colour with the light, looking deep purple, royal blue and bright turquoise at different moments. This will almost certainly be made into something mermaid-y.

My other Fabric Land purchase was this amazing colourful stained glass print stretch fabric. It originally had a black mesh over the top which in my opinion made it hideous. But I could see the potential, bought it anyway, and pulled all the mesh off, which was oddly therapeutic. I love the fantasy, fairytale look of this fabric, it reminds me a little of the stained glass in Disney's Beauty and the Beast. I think this will be made into clothing, probably a top.

I ordered this snakeskin/scale effect stretch fabric online, after eyeing it for months for my mermaid costume. This will be for the tail section.

While clearing out my bookmarks I made the fatal error of clicking on a few of them, which led to the purchase of these iridescent seashell sequins from Sequin World. They are so shiny and pretty! They'll probably get used in my mermaid costume.

I bought some iridescent cellophane for making fairy wings, and I've since found some tutorials for using it to cover shoes, so I have a feeling I'll be obtaining more in future.

Continuing the shiny iridescent theme, I got these mermaid scale cabochons for making jewellery. They are so beautiful!

I picked up a couple of skeins of King Cole Riot Chunky in Lava. I love the soft, dawn like colours of this yarn and I can't wait to work with it! I'm not sure what I'll be making with it yet, but I'm sure I'll think of something.

Finally, I bought a couple of fat quarters and a half yard of cotton fabrics from Laura of Bugs and Fishes after spotting them on Twitter. She is also selling off a lot of other fabrics through her Etsy shop. The mermaid and sea creatures fabric reminds me of Cuttlefishlove, the constellations fabric looks like something from Adventure Time which I LOVE, and the gems fabric is just gorgeous and I thought could be used for something Reign inspired.

In my next haul I'll be covering all the thrifted fabrics I got-the thrifting gods have been smiling most graciously on me of late!