Thursday, January 14, 2016

Rainbow Stationery

I love rainbows. I also love stationery. So I guess it's not surprising that I own quite a bit of rainbow stationery. I think rainbows are wonderfully cheerful and eyecatching, and they have lovely symbolism-I always associate them with positivity. Plus I just love colour, and putting colours together. The way that all the colours of the rainbow somehow manage to both contrast and complement is endlessly fascinating to me.

When Tiger stocked a little cloud shaped tape dispenser with rainbow tape a few months ago, I just couldn't resist. It's cute, kitschy, and looks pretty as well as being functional. I like to use the tape to decorate parcels, it just adds an extra touch of whimsy. I was also drawn to some rainbow coloured arrow print washi tape from Pink Planner Girl, which I'll be using in my planner. I think it's gorgeous, and a little more subtle than most of my rainbow hued items.

Another purchase from Pink Planner Girl was a set of rainbow heart stickers. They look so pretty in their colour coordinated diagonals that it almost seems a shame to use them. Muji's origami paper has been a favourite of mine for years, and I used to spend hours making paper cranes in every hue imaginable. Sometimes I flick through a pack just to see all the lovely colours.

There's something especially pleasing about a pack of rainbow coloured pens, arranged in order. 

For this reason I couldn't resist buying an amazing 28 pack of Sharpies (so many different shades!) and several different packs from the Staedtler Triplus range. I especially like the Triplus pens because they come in sturdy cases, which can be stood up when using the pens. I also like how the bodies of the Triplus Colour pens are the same colours as the inks. It's both aesthetically pleasing and very useful! I now want the gigantic 36 pack of Triplus Fineliners....all that delicious colour!


  1. I love this post, rainbow stationery is the best. I also could not resist buying those sharpie pens mainly because it was a rainbow pack. Wish I'd seen that tape dispenser in Tiger though, I definitely would have got that!

  2. Every single thing right here is just insanely beautiful. I think you just about have as many colourful pens as I do now.
    Saoirse Sterling at XLeptodactylous

  3. Ahh all the pretty colors! I love that tape dispenser i'd be all over that in a flash.

  4. Oh my gosh, this is amazing! I need to invest in some bits and pieces like these, it's time for some more colourful pens and papers. I love the cloud shaped tape dispenser too - my work desk needs that to pep it up! - Tasha

  5. Oh my goodness, the rainbow tape is so beautiful!!! I am a sucker for nice stationary. I've got the same little black notebook from Tiger :) xx