Monday, January 18, 2016

Mermaid Crowns

As it is my life goal to be some kind of magical forest mermaid queen, it seemed only fitting that I should have a crown (or several). So I set to work with some shells and a tiara base, and ended up with two head adornments worthy of a mermaid.

The first mermaid crown I made is a tiara style, with several tapering shells pointing upwards, bigger shells as accents, and a mass of smaller, colourful shells finishing the whole thing off.

I love how this one looks but I haven't been confident enough to wear it outside the house yet. I hope I do though because I think it is rather beautiful. I'm hoping to get mermaid photos in this crown in future.

The second crown I made is a simpler style, with smaller shells grouped together. I get a surprising amount of wear out of this, especially in the summer.

It adds a subtle mermaid touch to my outfits. You can see me wearing it out and about here.

I also took this mermaid crown to Brighton and wore it several times when I was there. It looked right at home on the beach. 

I want to make some more unusual headgear, I'm currently working on a crystal crown. I also feel the itch to make more shell encrusted objects-I can never have too many mermaid themed accessories!


  1. These are beautiful Polly, they suit you so much too! I love the way you placed the shells - I would definitely wear that second one out and about too, and I hope you get the chance to wear your tiara as well, it's gorgeous and you look lovely in it! - Tasha

  2. Being the future Queenie of England (in my head) I'm completely besotted by crowns and this has given me a very bad idea to make my own. I have in mind one like Thranduil's (from Lord of the Rings) BUT sea shells are much easier to get ahold of so I might have to make do with being Queenie of the local beach for now...

    Saoirse Sterling at XLeptodactylous

  3. Love the crowns, for some reason the second one most of all because of that little swirly one in the center. (If that makes any sense at all it's the darker shell in the middle)

    I've never actually owned a tiara, maybe a plastic one when I was little but I would totally love a very simple seashell crown, they are amazing. You need starfish earrings and a large shell on a cord necklace to go with them.

  4. Polly these are so beautiful! I have a few different crowns in my collection - I need to blog about them. My mermaid ones are a bit different - I love the shell details on yours especially the one with little clusters. :) xx

  5. Oh wow - so magical!
    You look lovely and I love the eyeshadow too.

    | | bloglovin' |

  6. These are gorgeous Polly! The first one looks like it could belong to an underwater unicorn! Tbh you look very much like a mermaid already, and both crowns really suit you! xxx

  7. This crown is AMAZING :D You are talented ^_^ I would totally buy one of these :D Are they for sale? If you ever want to photoshoot these, give me a shout :D

    Sarah xxo |